Why your website might be useless

Why your website might be useless

Does your website meet the 4 requirements for it not to be a wasted website? How much money have you spent on building your website? Well, if these 4 criteria are not met properly, please stop what you are doing and start learning how to implement these 4 criteria into your website.

SEO & Google Ads – Which is better?

difference of seo and ads

These are organic search results from SEO. Some people say SEO can be compared to buying a house whereas Google Ads can be compared to renting a house. My understanding of the two products is that Google has a set of rules: let people with money buy with money; let people with talent buy with talent.

Free and useful tools to know your website’s traffic

Montreal SEO

While many customers spend effort comparing and negotiating discounts from digital marketing firms, Google actually offers many free and useful tools that not a lot of customers know about. Many of these tools are very important for the success of your website as these tools will bring in more website traffic.