Calgary Web Design Service Team Explains: The Different Types of Websites

There are two major types of real marketing websites. The difference between a real marketing website and a “zombie” website is like the difference between a mansion and a cardboard cutout of a house. Zombie sites are not what our Calgary web design service team will bring and what we strive to eliminate. 

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Zombie Websites

Real marketing websites provide traffic through the search engine, but some people use their websites as an online business card that only has more information about their business which brings no organic traffic at all. This creates a “zombie” site where the only people that can look at the website are the people that the business owner tells others to look at the website. A real marketing website should bring you potential and precise target customers from all over the world, 24/7, all year round.

The 2 Main Types of Websites

Our Calgary web design service team will create these two types of websites.
The first type is a B2B Industry Corporate Marketing website. These types of websites will attract customers that search for your company and related keywords. These websites have information and pricing about their services and business and have contact information for the customer to contact if they want the service. These types of websites are mainly created on WordPress to build.

The second type of website the Calgary web design services team can create are B2C E-Commerce websites. These websites are able to complete transactions all on the website and have many special features that allow e-commerce businesses to thrive. These websites will be able to attract customers and have easy conversions. Our Calgary Web designers will create innovative and aesthetic designs to attract these customers. Our Calgary web design services team normally uses Shopify and Woo-Commerce to build these sites. 

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