Core four digital marketing strategy

The core four digital marketing strategies are made up of model, market, message, and media. We have mentioned 2 of them in the last blog. Here we are going to talk about the rest of the digital marketing strategies.

Core four digital marketing strategy:  message(3/4)

The next digital marketing strategy is your message and here’s where you’re going to clarify and connect with your ideal target market by speaking directly to them about their pains and their problems and their frustrations and how your business is uniquely positioned to help solve that for them. Telling stories about previous customers and previous client results is an incredibly effective way to do this. The point here is that to craft truly effective messages. You’ve got to understand who your market is and what really makes them up and what makes them do the things they do. So a little bit of market research and having a few chats with your customers never hurts.

digital marketing strategy

Core four digital marketing strategy:  media(4/4)

And the fourth part of the core four digital marketing strategies and again the center of that hub and spoke model of marketing is all about media. This is where you’re going to go, where you’re going to do your marketing. which digital channels are you’re gonna choose? Most businesses do this completely backward. They start with the media by hearing a great thing about Facebook ads or youtube marketing maybe starting a podcast, and then they just rush in there with forgetting all about the message, the market, and the model. Unsurprisingly they’re building their business and they’re building their marketing on a pretty sketchy foundation.

Digital marketing strategy: The right order

This is why if you go through the steps of digital marketing strategies in the right order: starting with the model, moving on to the market, identifying the message by the time you get to media, the choices should be evidently clear. You should know exactly where your ideal target market is present and active online. And this is going to enable you to go there and ignore everything else. The reality is you just need to be the places where your ideal target market is present and active. This is going to save you a ton of time, money, headache, and wasted energy by spreading yourself too thin on channels that simply aren’t going to deliver results.

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