2 types of digital marketing strategy

The tactics are the details and the actionable steps or executable things that you’re actually going to go and put into practice. So the digital marketing strategy being the business model you’re using, the market that you’re going to go after, the messages you’re going to use, and the media choices that you’re going to deploy your marketing on, and then the tactics being things like what frequency are you going to post, and what kind of content are you gonna post, and how many memes are you gonna throw-in.

2 tactical questions of digital marketing strategy

A tactical question would be what’s the best time to post on social media. A strategic question would be which social media platform should we be on.

Digital marketing strategy: Organic and Paid

The next thing that you need to know about digital marketing strategy is the difference between organic and paid.


Digital marketing strategy: Organic

Let’s start with one of the most important digital marketing strategies. Organic content and organic digital marketing are essentially anything that you create for free. So anytime that you make a post on Facebook, or an Instagram story, or a youtube video, or anything like that and you’re not paying money to have it promoted. You’re creating organic content. This doesn’t mean that it’s free content because odds are good. You put time and energy and probably a decent amount of money behind the content that you’re creating. But by not paying to promote it, it’s still classified as organic content.

Digital marketing strategy: Paid

Let’s look at another important digital marketing strategy. So if organic marketing is putting out content and not paying to have it promoted, paid marketing is the opposite of that. It means putting out content and then paying the networks to promote it and distribute it to even more people. Basically with paid media, or paid marketing, or paid ads, you’re running advertising to whatever message or whatever content that you’re putting out there.

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