Important digital marketing strategies you have to know

Here we have some essential digital marketing strategies to share with you.

Digital marketing strategy: focus the right thing

The digital marketing strategy that really helps you become a better digital marketer is to understand the differences between strategy and tactics. Digital marketing strategy is all the big picture stuff and this is really where you want to focus your efforts first because this is the foundation that all of your future marketing efforts, tactics, tools, and software are going to be built on. Get this part wrong and nothing else matters because nothing else will work.

Digital marketing strategy: the core four(2/4)

There are a ton of different digital marketing strategies and approaches and ways to look at your digital marketing. But pretty much no matter how you look at it. It always comes back to four basic and really solid principles that have stood the test of time and are going to be just as relevant today as they are a hundred years from now. We call these things the core four and they make up the center of my hub and spoke model of marketing.

Digital marketing strategy

Core four digital marketing strategy: the model

The core four digital marketing strategies are made up of model, market, message, and media. The model is essentially your business: your offer, your package, your servicing, the pricing that goes with it, how you deliver whatever it is that you deliver to the market. It’s important here to design your model around what is the most enjoyable and profitable and in demand by the market. The worst thing you can do is build a business that you absolutely hate.

Core four digital marketing strategy: the market

Next is the market. These are the people that you’re going to serve and you don’t want everyone or anyone with money. You want to be focused laser-focused on exactly who is going to get the best results from your product or service and also the market that you’re going to most enjoy serving. In marketing, we call this an ideal customer avatar or an ideal client avatar. It’s made up of demographic details like age, gender, income, occupation, geographic details like what city or state or province or country they live in, and psychographic details like what are their values, attitudes, and their lifestyles.

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