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Today I received a call from David, a customer; he told me that for over the past year he had a recognized western company do his SEO and Google Ads, costing him around CA$80,000 – $100,000 per year. But the SEO results were not great, and his customer acquisition costs through Google Ads were too high. He had heard from his friends that TRUE-E is a veteran in comprehensive digital marketing, and thus sought us out to help him optimize his digital marketing strategy. As I chatted with David for half-an-hour, I found that he was very familiar with his website’s SEO, social media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and even YouTube, and through his time as a customer he had become half an expert in digital marketing himself. Personally, I like customers like David, because they have higher standards and appreciate our expertise. However, when I asked David about his Google Analytics traffic reports and user flow reports, he replied that he had no idea what they were. I took another look at his website, and as expected, he did not have Google Analytics set up. In fact, thinking back to the past twenty websites I had seen, they all did not have Google Analytics, and so today I’m going to talk about the importance of Google Analytics.

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Below is an audit of a website lacking Google Analytics by our professional software.

website audit
website audit

First of all, Google Analytics is FREE!

While many customers spend effort comparing and negotiating discounts from digital marketing firms, Google actually offers many free and useful tools that not a lot of customers know about.

Secondly, Google Analytics is super easy to use!

For example, it can easily do the following:

1. View and breakdown your website’s daily traffic

For example, how many users visit your site every day? How many visits are from old / new users? What’s the average time a user spends on your website?

Google Analytics traffic breakdown
Google Analytics traffic breakdown

2. Analyze ad effectiveness

You can see a breakdown of traffic coming from different channels, such as from different search engines, ads, or other media, and figure out which channels are most effective and have the greatest ROI.

3. Find problems with user flow and conversion

For example, a marketing campaign brought a flow of 1,000 users to your website, 10 clicked the sign-up button, but only 3 successfully finished the sign-up process. Now you can analyze: is the home page design deterring users from registering? Is the registration process not user-friendly, resulting in users abandoning mid-way?

SEO user flow and conversion analysis
SEO user flow and conversion analysis

4. Know what browser and device users are using to visit your website

If 70% of your users visit your website through their phone, then isn’t it time to convert to a mobile platform?

5. Find out where your most valuable customers come from

For example, a website’s income for 2018 was $200,000; half was from Ontario but the other half was from Halifax.

website traffic tracking
website traffic tracking

6. Figure out what users like to do on your website

For example, by looking at the click rates of various types of buttons on your website, you may be able to direct traffic through certain channels by altering the size and details of certain buttons.

7. Experiment with different versions of ads and find out which version users respond best to through quantitative feedback.

8. Know what users are doing on your website

For example, for a website that sells water heaters:

Customer A opened the site’s customer support for 5 min

Customer B opened product details for 4 min

Customer C opened product details for 3 min and customer support for 3 min

keyword analysis
keyword analysis

I’ve only listed some of the basic functions of Google Analytics here, but if you take the time to investigate the tool, you’ll find many more interesting functions!

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