What is PPC? | Professional Toronto PPC Agency Explains | pt2

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As to whether PPC is right for your business, let’s talk about why PPC might be a great addition to your online strategy. 

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PPC for Business | Professional Toronto PPC Agency Explains

First, pay-per-click advertising is extremely targeted. You can choose precisely who to show your ads to based on location, keywords, interests, age, gender, language, and even the type of device. So instead of wasting your money on mass marketing, you’re advertising your goods and services directly to the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. If you want Toronto PPC professionals to help you do PPC for your business, click the bolded text.

Not only that, you can even adjust your ads for people who have already visited your website. This type of PPC advertising is called retargeting. Retargeting is huge. On average out of every hundred people that visit a website, only two will convert into an actual customer. That means 98% of initial traffic is virtually ghosts. Race retargeting lets businesses place ads that remind the folks who left to come back and check out the products and services they missed. This in turn helps businesses capture more of the 98 percent of people who didn’t convert the first time. If you want to get the most traffic out of your buck, visit our Toronto PPC Agency Page and check out our services.

Why Choose PPC?

PPC advertising is pretty cost effective. After all, the only time you pay a fee is when your ad is actually clicked. When you consider the fact that the top three advertising spots on a search results page get 46 percent of the clicks, the odds are really in your favor. You’re up there at the top of the list, even above the top organic results. Let’s say it costs you 15 bucks to earn that one click but if the product you sell is $400, that’s really not a bad return on investment. Paid advertising is also super trackable. Basically this means you can monitor how well your ads are performing and adjust them accordingly. If one of your advertisement isn’t giving you as many clicks as you’d like, you always know exactly which ads are actually driving sales and helping your business and which ones, well, aren’t. Flexibility comes hand-in-hand with PPC. If you want professionals that will monitor your campaigns every day and keep it optimized, check our Toronto Google PPC page and check our services.

Paid advertising is fast while ranking high in organic search results is important, it takes time to get there. But with PPC, you can put a new ad up and start seeing results in a matter of days if not hours. If you’re looking to immediately attract more traffic to your site and boost sales, you may want to give PPC some serious thought. In the end, the greatest benefit PPC has to offer is that it helps give your website the attention it deserves from the people who will appreciate it most. If you want free lessons and tutorials, visit our YouTube Channel!

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