Rank #1 SEO Company Markham: Learning about SEO pt3

An extremely typical inquiry that is by and large posed is “What is SEO and why is it huge?” In this series of articles, we, the professional SEO company Markham, will teach you on how you will get the hang of how SEO is and what it helps your business. Continue to peruse to ensure you comprehend and try to take a few notes! These are proficient information and tips from our expert SEO Company.

Learning more about Search Intent | SEO Company Markham Specialist Explains

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Alright, the next point on this checklist is to see if you can match searcher intent. So again, search intent represents the reason behind a searcher’s query. The way we determine that is by looking at the top-ranking pages for the keyword we want to rank for. For example, let’s say you have a recipes blog and you wanted to rank for “toaster oven.” Looking at the top ranking pages, you’ll see that almost all of the pages are ecommerce category pages. This tells us that the intent of the searcher is likely to buy or at least to shop around for different toaster ovens. So unless you can actually satisfy the intent of the searcher, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to rank high for this query. Search engine optimization is really important for these searches as you need to find the correct keywords, as well as find the correct intention of the searcher. E marketing will greatly help you if you are running a e commerce website or store. Our Rank#1 SEO Markham Services will greatly increase your traffic for your e commerce store.

Digging Deeper

We’ll dig deeper into search intent in the next lesson. The final point on this keyword checklist is to determine whether you can rank for your keyword. If you want more free tutorials and lessons, visit our YouTube Channel!

Search volume, traffic potential, and business potential mean absolutely nothing if you can’t rank for your keyword in the not so distant future. Understanding the level of difficulty to rank for a given keyword takes a bit of analysis and practice. This is why I’ve created an entire lesson on assessing ranking difficulty because mastering this process will help you get predictable results in SEO. 

Now, actually choosing keywords comes down to finding a balance in this checklist.

You have to ask yourself: Does the topic drive enough traffic and have business value to make it worth the effort? This is the question you should ask yourself before you create pages with the intent to rank in search. These 5 points in the checklist are exactly what we’re going to dive deeper into throughout the rest of this module.

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