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Hello everyone! This is your favorite SEO company in Markham and we will be continuing the 5th part of the On-Page SEO examples. Previously, we talked about the keyword “wireless earbuds” since it’s very close to Black Friday and the Cyber Monday sales. Make sure to read the previous example in the bolded link above.

If you haven’t read the lesson for these examples, read them here:

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Recap | SEO Company Markham Expert Explains

SEO is the art of optimizing a website for the search engine. SEO stands for search engine optimization and the point of SEO is to satisfy the algorithms of search engines such as Google. Why do search engines want their advanced algorithms? Search engines, such as Google, update and advance their algorithm everyday to satisfy the search intents and queries of the user. The more relevant and better the results that are given to the user, the more likely that the user returns and continues using the search engine. So how does Google determine which website is relevant? Let’s take a look at these top ranking sites for certain keywords to understand why they are ranked in first place. If you want free video lessons on SEO, visit our YouTube Channel!

Example #5 | SEO Company Markham Evaluates

Our last example had 2 different types of websites. One of the them was a blog and the other an e-commerce website. Let’s go for the 2nd type of website now. If you want a professional SEO company to make your website appear in the top ranks, click on the bolded link right now!

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First Impressions

Okay, looking at the second website, we notice that this is an e-commerce website. Best Buy is probably one of the most popular electronics store in North America. Since we are in Markham, Google will give us Canadian e-commerce sites but can still give American blogs. The reason behind this is that shipping cross country will cost a lot and people usually don’t buy stuff from, let’s say, from India to Canada. It just doesn’t make sense. Okay, looking at the URL, it has “earbuds in ear headphones”. It doesn’t say in this picture but it is there when you press into the website. Alright, looking at the title, it has the keyword in it and everything. The description also has the keyword, but look, it is a bit different. The description doesn’t have the exact keyword and they are separated. This shows that Google looks at these websites and give the related keywords and synonyms. Google will look at the words and decide that it is relevant to the searcher’s query.

Diving into the Website | SEO Company Markham Evaluates

Going into the site, it is pretty much the common e-commerce site. The thing is, they have a little section on the very bottom for SEO purposes. They write a blog for the section of the store and in this case, earbuds and headphones. This little section of the blog will appeal to Google and make it rank much higher. If you are making an e-commerce site, make sure to add the little blog sections at the bottom of the page for SEO purposes.

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