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Hi everyone! This is the Link Building Understanding lesson. We are going to go into detail oh what it is and how it will help SEO. This lesson is taught by a professional SEO company Markham. If you want to learn video tutorials, courses, and lessons, feel free to visit our YouTube Channel. To learn more SEO tips and processes, read our SEO blogs.

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Definition of Link Building

Link building is the action and process to get other websites to link to a page that you own, such as a page on your website. The hyperlinks that are added to other websites are called backlinks. The end result may seem simple but the process is the hardest part to understand. If you want to learn how to get other people to put your website links into their website, read this article: Link Building.

Link building has a delicate process. This process is tough but will be worth it for your SEO. Ultimately, emailing complete random strangers and asking them to link to you is one of the ways you can do that. The problem is, you need to think about how that might sound to the receiving end. We have to take a second to understand how weird and strange of this action. Link building is important for SEO as it give more authority to your website. If you want higher authority scores and higher rankings for your website, get your free audit from our SEO Markham Professionals!

Read Google’s Steps to a Google-friendly site.

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Understanding Link Building | SEO Company Markham

Link building is the process of building relationships with other relevant site owners. These site owners are the ones who want AND will link to your content because it enhances theirs. So this definition isn’t just about you getting something. It includes relationships, relevance, and a value exchange. Now, since EFFECTIVE link building is tough, you need to understand WHY it’s worth the effort. In short, backlinks are used by search engines like Google to help rank web pages. It’s been this way since 1998 when Google created PageRank. PageRank is a mathematical formula that judges the “value of a page” by looking at the quantity and quality of other pages that link to it. Google confirms the importance of backlinks on their how search works page.

Under their “ranking useful pages” heading, they state:

“If other prominent websites on the subject LINK to the page, that’s a good sign that the information is of high quality.” We also found a clear correlation between organic traffic and backlinks from unique websites in our study of over one billion web pages.

So while getting backlinks may be harder than, let’s say, creating a blog post, they’re absolutely critical if you want to rank for competitive phrases. Competitive phrases are usually the ones that’ll drive the most traffic and revenue for your business. Now, we briefly touched on the main way of getting backlinks, but not all links can or will be obtained through outreach.

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