How to choose an SEO company Markham is of great importance for e-commerce owners, Part 1

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means someone to help you rank well in Google. Before you give an SEO company Markham your credit card number you need to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Here we have the key questions to ask anyone trying to help you rank well in google.


How to choose an SEO company Markham number one: Is your technique a secret?

If the SEO company Markham can’t tell you then there will be 1-2 things happening. 1. They’re just a Salesman and they’re just trying to collect credit cards and make the sale and then someone else is going to do the work. 2. what they’re going to be doing for you is something they don’t want to share with you. So ask your SEO company Markham if they gonna share everything with you.

How to choose an SEO company Markham number 2: Does what they’re going to be doing for you involve creating inbound links?

Inbound links are basically SEO company Markham go on their websites and they put links to your website on their Website. In other words, so that people on their website can click and go to you. Google actually looks at inbound links. If Google finds out that a ton of people linking to you, that will help your business. However, Google has made a lot of changes. It’s not just a matter of the number of inbound links to your website, it’s a matter of their quality. Google will assign a quality score to all these sites. So, if Fox News or CNN links to you you’re going to get way more SEO credit from google with their links to you than with a random person’s link to you. They are more of our popular site.

A lot of these places have these huge server farms and they have thousands of fake websites and on these websites, many SEO companies Markham simply put links to you. The problem is Google will spank you hard for that. We call those things to link farms, and if Google suddenly discovers that a thousand people link to you and they’re all coming from basically the same set of servers, Google will mark you as a link spammer and your site will get unlisted. That is the worst possible thing in the world is if your website gets unlisted from google. It’s basically website suicide so if someone is promising to bring you 20,000 inbound links or inbound linking as part of their strategy, it will only get your website in trouble.

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