How to choose an SEO company Markham is of great importance for e-commerce owners, Part 2

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means someone to help you rank well in Google. Before you give your SEO company Markham your credit card number you need to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Here we have the key questions to ask anyone trying to help you rank well in google.

Is your SEO company Markham doing simply meta tags?

It’s kind of technical but if you want to see what they are simply pull up any web page, and then right-click on it and choose view page source, you’re going to be seeing the raw code used to build your website. One of those is if you do a little keyword search in there you’ll find the word meta. Look for meta tags and you’ll see meta tag content, meta tag description, meta tag keywords, and all of that. Back in the old days, that was a good way of telling Google what you care about, and Google actually put a lot of weight on that.


Is your SEO company Markham abusing meta tags?

The problem is a lot of SEO companies Markham out there started abusing the meta tags and started just filling them with garbage. So, even though Google may be looking at the meta tags these days they put very little relevance on them because they’re so easy to abuse. So you don’t need to pay someone if all they’re going to do is go ad you some meta tags on your website because it’s not going to do that much for you. Google more uses meta tags today to help understand what the page is about but not necessarily about ranking it better.

Is your SEO company Markham doing “paid SEO”?

A lot of SEO companies Markham are saying: what I can get you to number one in 24 hours and they do. The problem is they’re actually setting up a pay-per-click campaign for you. In other words, some SEO companies Markham they’re creating a paid ad and putting it on Google. Anyone could have you up in a couple of hours on page one of Google if you’re willing to pay for an ad. So what they charge you is a piece for them and a piece to create the ad. True SEO is about organic ranking. When you do a google search you’re getting basically two sets of results. You’re getting the paid ads which sometimes start at the top and then go down the side and then you’re getting the organic results. It is kind of the ultimate holy grail goal if you will okay because anyone clicking on that costs them nothing. But if all this SEO company Markham is going to be doing is setting up a paid ad for you then every time someone clicks on it, it costs you money.

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