How to choose a qualified SEO company Markham, Part 4.

Choose a SEO company Markham who does great content

There is no secret to ranking well on google as long as you’re willing to do the work or pay someone to do the correct work. Today, 85 to 90 percent of the criteria Google uses to rank your website above another is based on content. It involves writing it involves text it involves setting up a structure the Google understands and doing it in a form that’s readable and having it be unique and updating it frequently. So if the SEO company Markham trying to get your SEO business but doesn’t mention anything about writing content for you, or the SEO company Markham doesn’t mention anything about adjusting the text or creating articles for you. They’re just playing around the fringes and then they’re not going to have many results for you. The only way to rank well on Google is content. So make sure it has something to do with content.


Ask your SEO company Markham: what your clients said?

And then before you ever sign up before you ever give the SEO company Markham your credit card. Ask your SEO company Markham: show me who have you done this for? who is showing up number one? Be careful because there are some tricksters out there who have already done that search picked someone who’s showing up number one and claiming it’s their customer when in reality it’s not. So the last thing, ask your SEO company Markham, may I contact them? You want to find out what it was like to work with that company, and what another customer’s results were to work with that company. Then find out how long it took them to get to be number one. The key is you’ve got to ask these questions before you spend one dollar. You’ve got to make sure that this company is actually going to generate results from you and it’s not just going to be some monthly amount, or a huge upfront cost that you’re going to have and then you’re going to wonder has anything happened. A good SEO company Markham should be able to show you some sort of results, some sort of movement within the first month even if it’s from page3-2. Sometimes it takes time depending on the competitiveness of what you’re being searched for.

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