Most SEO company Markham don’t tell you: Keywords is most important, Part 1

The first most common mistake business owners make when picking an SEO company Markham is that most of them only focus on rankings and traffic but not on keywords. But don’t get it wrong, rankings and traffic are really great but if this traffic just doesn’t convert into actual dollars. And being a business owner, your main goal obviously is to increase your revenue.

SEO company Markham should pick the right keywords

The first step towards this goal is to pick the right keywords. Keyword research is by far the most important part of any SEO campaign. If your SEO company Markham pick the wrong keywords the whole campaign will fail. This is really a major issue with a lot of SEO agencies and SEO company Markham, because most of them just don’t even bother with picking the right keywords. Some SEO company Markham usually just ask their clients which terms they want to rank for. As a result, clients just don’t know how to pick the right keyword. It’s not even their business because that’s why they pay the agency.


What if your SEO company Markham pick the wrong keywords

When you pick the wrong keywords, one problem with picking the wrong keywords could be that you pick a phrase with a very little monthly search volume. The search volume of a phrase obviously determines the amount of traffic. It will send to your website once you rank for it. In the best case you can assume that you will be able to drive 40 to 50 percent off the monthly search volume of a phrase as traffic to your website. So if you pick a phrase for example with a monthly search volume of 50 searches, you might be able to drive 25 visitors to your website in the best case. And this is less than one visitor per day. These phrases are not even worth the effort in order to rent your site.

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