Most SEO company Markham don’t tell you: Keywords is most important, Part 2

When picking an SEO company Markham, most of SEO company Markham only focus on rankings and traffic but not on keywords. But don’t get it wrong, rankings and traffic are really great but if this traffic just doesn’t convert into actual dollars. And being a business owner, your main goal obviously is to increase your revenue.

SEO company Markham: Why did you pick the wrong keyword

Another problem with picking the wrong keyword could be: depending on the goal of your SEO campaign and depending on your business, it might be wise to pick buying keywords rather than research keywords. Research keywords usually have a much higher search volume than buying keywords do. But on the other hand, buying keywords will convert much easier into actual buyers and dollars on your website and research keywords do. So just keep that in mind that there are research keywords and that there are buying keywords. Buying keywords or phrases that people type into the search and the engines who have already made the buying decision.


SEO company Markham: Don’t choose too competitive keywords

And another problem with picking the wrong keywords can be that your SEO company Markham is picking your phrase which is far too competitive. Theoretically, you can rank for any term you want to on the search engines. It’s just a matter of your budget and the time your SEO company Markham wants to invest. For example, if your SEO company Markham want to rank for a term like a car insurance, You can certainly do that. But just consider that there are a lot of huge players(or other SEO company Markham) in this marketplace who are already spending huge monthly budget for years just in order to rank for a term like this. And just ask yourself if you really need to rank for terms like this? Because maybe after doing a little bit of professional keyword research you might find some phrases that are way less competitive that are also highly related to the products and services that you’re selling. It will allow you to increase your revenue much faster than spending a huge budget and waiting a long time until you rank for a very competitive term.

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