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Hey there, this is the continuation of the Choosing Keywords | SEO Montreal Expert Teaches lesson. If you haven’t read that yet, I highly recommend it.

In the previous lesson, we talked about the 5 steps in choosing keywords. This lesson will mainly be talking about a quick technique that was passed from professional SEO agents around the world. If you want to check out our other lessons, tutorials, and tips & tricks, visit our Montreal SEO blog.

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Keyword Modifiers | Montreal SEO Professional Tips

Now, checking the SERP for all of these keywords would be pretty time consuming. So there’s a quick technique you can use to find relevant keywords and that’s to use keyword modifiers. A modifier is an-add-on to a base keyword. For example, if our base keyword is “golf hats,” we can modify this keyword by adding “best,” “top”, or the current year. Modifiers tell us a lot about search intent. A word like “best,” again, tells us that a comparison needs to be made. So searchers are probably looking for listicle blog posts with various different product recommendations. Now, if a word like “how” or “what” is in the keyword, then it tells us that the top pages will likely be blog posts or videos with step-by-step tutorials, or some other informational content. If you want a professional Montreal SEO person to help you find the best keywords, click the bolded text. So with this knowledge, we can actually filter this keyword list down to:

a) keywords that likely have business potential, and;

b) keywords where we can match searcher intent.

For example, since we’re doing keyword research for an affiliate site, modifiers like “best”, “top”, “vs”, and “review” would likely bring up topics where we can organically recommend products.

Applying Modifiers to Keywords and Seeds | Montreal SEO Professional Tips

Next, we want to find keywords that include any of these modifiers as well as one of our seed keywords. After you do that, we now have a list of around 30 keywords that are most likely going to have high business potential. Plus, we know that 99% of the time, the results for any “best” type keyword will be listicle blog posts. We also know that we can match searcher intent with our affiliate blog.

Now, if we switch the modifiers in the Include filter to words like “how,” “what,” “who,” “where,” “why,” “guide,” and “tutorial,” then we can apply the list to find informational topics that we could write about on our blog. Pretty much all of these keywords would be fair game for our hypothetical golf blog. Now, if you plan to use a list of modifiers, then it’s worth noting that you should probably do it with much broader seeds. For example, you’ll see that we only have 10 keywords when using the search volume filter paired with our list of informational modifiers.

Now, if I change the seed to just “golf,” set the volume filter to a minimum of 300 monthly searches, and then paste in my list of informational modifiers and click search, then you’ll see that we have a lot more topics that we could potentially create content around. So if this is a method you want to try, take notes of all these modifiers and the steps and feel free to use them in your keyword research.

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