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Hello SEO learners! This is the second example of the on-page SEO lesson and click this bolded link to read it. If you haven’t read it yet, please do as this example will not make any sense without it. As usual, I’m here as the professional SEO Montreal expert to teach you about SEO. Make sure to read the first example as well, On-Page SEO Examples pt1.

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Recap | SEO Montreal Expert Explains

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Professional experts on SEO will try their best to satisfy the search engine algorithms. Search engines are platforms such as Google and Bing. These search engines will try to satisfy their searcher’s intents and try to bring out relevant articles and sources for their search queries. Their algorithms improve everyday and it is up to us as SEO professionals to find the correct way to satisfy the algorithm everyday. So how does these websites get to the top ranks anyways? They must be doing something that satisfies this algorithm. Let’s go over why top ranking websites are actually there with some fresh examples. If you want free video lessons on SEO, visit our YouTube Channel!

The Second Example | SEO Montreal Expert Explains

Let’s go over more random examples. Last time, we did a random example for “best baby toys”. Let’s try it again but with other keyword modifiers. Let’s try the keyword “baby toys”. This should bring us towards e-commerce websites instead of blogs. Let’s take a look.

First Impressions

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The first result that I got was a Canadian Walmart website. Since my location is in Canada, Google notices it and brings websites that are Canadian. Since American websites don’t get many sales from the Canada side, Google notices this and brings more relevant and local websites. If you want the best SEO company to do your SEO, click the bolded link right now!

The website’s URL has “Infant Toys”. This means that this is the keyword that they have decided to choose. Since Google’s algorithms are more advanced that before, the system recognizes synonyms and related keywords. This will bring better relevant results to the searcher. The Title has the keyword “baby toys”. This mean that they are focused on both keywords at the same time. In the Description, you can see “baby toys” and “infant toys” both bolded. This shows that you can focus on multiple related keywords at the same time to get better results.

Diving into the Website

Clicking into the website, it is indeed an e-commerce platform. They have different toys and and products and you can buy them. Not much you can see from this except that they just have a lot of products that they sell. When I looked for the keywords, I also found that there is a little blog section in the bottom of the page. This means that Walmart did indeed try to do SEO with blog posts. If you want to check this example out, click Walmart Infant Toys SEO Example.

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