PT2: The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Jobs

As an industry professional, social media marketing jobs are slowly becoming more and more necessary. Since there are very few training courses available to the general public, I can answer some of the common questions people have about social media marketing jobs. Also, if everyone wants more free lessons and educational content, please visit True-E’s website for more of these. These are also found in our YouTube channel with content in English and in Chinese (mandarin)

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Going back to the first part that I was talking about before, being able to look at set data and analyze it it’s also the kind of social media marketing jobs where you have to be very particular about every little thing and every little thing has to add up and you have to be very type a very meticulous. From my own experiences, my personality type is that I’ve always been a little bit too much to drive myself crazy but because you can’t analyze data, everything isn’t inputted and formatted correctly. 

Obviously the creative skills are really important too if you want to bring together campaigns especially for influencer marketing you have to kind of have that creative eye. This skill is very important for social media marketing jobs. Sometimes, this creative eye will set you apart from being a certain type of worker which has the qualifications of social media marketing jobs. Sometimes you’ll get influencers and you think that they’d be really good at that because they do, which is to create content but not everyone has this creative eye. For example, I’m definitely more of a numbers person versus like a creative person and then at the end of the day, just being a people person especially if you’re working on the client side. Being social is pretty much a required quality for people applying for social media marketing jobs. Working with clients who might have you know things happen where you have to work quickly and you have to work in an organized manner. Being good with people and having good communication skills are always important but I think the odds for people applying for social media marketing jobs is to get a job in the industry.

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