PT3: The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Jobs

As an industry professional, social media marketing jobs are slowly becoming more and more necessary. Since there are very few training courses available to the general public, I can answer some of the common questions people have about social media marketing jobs. Also, if everyone wants more free lessons and educational content, please visit True-E’s website for more of these. These are also found in our YouTube channel with content in English and in Chinese (mandarin)

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I got a lot of questions from people asking like if you have to have a certain degree or if you have to study something in college and have a certain minor. I personally do not think if you want to work and apply for social media marketing jobs you have to have a certain degree or anything. It would be helpful to have internships but I honestly don’t even think my college would help anyone get a better chance to get social media marketing jobs. The reason is that I understood the industry and I knew it because I was in it as an influence there and now. I’m learning the backside of things. I definitely don’t think you need to be a marketing major in college for social media marketing jobs. You can get the job just by being able to show that you have creative eyes and are able to analyze data. Other factors for people who want to get social media marketing jobs is that you need to have good communication skills and understand the social media marketing world. 

I think that you could make it happen by meeting the right people and networking. It’s a better option compared to just going on LinkedIn and applying for a day. I got my job by literally emailing the contact email on the website which is a small company. I only did stuff that is a little bit outside of the box and not necessarily just going the easy route to a hundred different jobs on LinkedIn. It’s like everyone’s who wants social media marketing jobs are going to do that and you have to find a way to kind of set yourself apart. 

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