PT4: The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Jobs

As an industry professional, social media marketing jobs are slowly becoming more and more necessary. Since there are very few training courses available to the general public, I can answer some of the common questions people have about social media marketing jobs. Also, if everyone wants more free lessons and educational content, please visit True-E’s website for more of these. These are also found in our YouTube channel with content in English and in Chinese (mandarin)

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Do you ever think social media marketing jobs are too superficial of a career? How do you manage that? I have this internal struggle a lot and I think the conclusion that I’ve come to is that a lot of times we think that social media marketing jobs have to be fulfilling and it has to be something that is doing something greater good. I think any social media marketing jobs has elements like that. I don’t think your job necessarily has to be total fulfillment. It’s like you can find that through your families through volunteering or just being as a person and impacting other people’s lives cause you’re not necessarily working for a nonprofit or you know a charity. That doesn’t mean that your job is silly and you are touching people’s lives by being a nice person to work with and working hard for your social media marketing jobs.

Especially while working like entry level social media marketing jobs, you’re not necessarily going to have the freedom to do something that is super fulfilling. It’s like you just need social media marketing jobs at the end of the day and you can work your way up to do something that might be a little bit more fulfilling but I think there is beauty and just doing the symbol ordinary things and being really good at these ordinary things and touching people. That way there are no social media marketing jobs that may seem really superficial. Some days, it definitely feels like it stops but other days it doesn’t actually earn.

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