PT5: The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Jobs

As an industry professional, social media marketing jobs are slowly becoming more and more necessary. Since there are very few training courses available to the general public, I can answer some of the common questions people have about social media marketing jobs. Also, if everyone wants more free lessons and educational content, please visit True-E’s website for more of these. These are also found in our YouTube channel with content in English and in Chinese (mandarin)

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I know people who are hired for social media marketing jobs and marketing positions to rely on clinical majors or something. You can make anything happen and it’s all about how you formulate the answers to your interview questions. Show that you know people’s buying habits, show that you have a creative eye in some way like to show your skills through things that you’ve done throughout your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like, “oh I took this class in college on this subject.” 

Another question people applying for social media marketing jobs ask me is that is there any specific software you need to know how to use in your social media marketing jobs. I honestly wouldn’t worry about this. I think knowing Excel, Microsoft Word, Google sheets, simple things like that, I feel like it’s obvious that you should know those for your social media marketing jobs but I don’t think there are specific programs that you know. You have to know it might be good to get certified in AdWords or something but I don’t think that there are these set programs that you should know how to do because at the end of the day, that’s the stuff that you can learn for social media marketing jobs. I think it’s the soft skills that are more innate like your people skills, your communication skills, how self-motivated you are, like those are the things that you can’t necessarily teach yourself that you should already know.

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