PT7: The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Jobs

As an industry professional, social media marketing jobs are slowly becoming more and more necessary. Since there are very few training courses available to the general public, I can answer some of the common questions people have about social media marketing jobs. Also, if everyone wants more free lessons and educational content, please visit True-E’s website for more of these. These are also found in our YouTube channel with content in English and in Chinese (mandarin)

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Do you do more writing or strategy or data words for social media marketing jobs? 

I say it’s a lot of all those for social media marketing jobs. I don’t really do a lot of writing like writing a lot of emails and then doing reports. I don’t really work on a lot of the strategy stuff. I helped put together the data to formulate it but that’s definitely something that someone who was higher level will do more than I do.

Do you think social media marketing jobs would be easy for someone to switch into?

I definitely think so because social media marketing jobs are basically a lot of sales, especially for influence or marketing just getting people to be on board to be a part of campaigns. It is kind of like selling a brand. It is like selling this to the influence or why it is a good campaign. At the end of the day, you are trying to drive purchases from a customer with your people skills. Social media marketing jobs are very demanding of how well you can communicate your campaigns to your customers and how you can drive sales. I feel like having those persuasion skills is really important for social media marketing jobs and I feel like that would be such an easy transition.

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