Social media marketing Vancouver is so important for local small business

Hard to find a good Social media marketing Vancouver company? here is True-E’s answer.

What are the major types of social media marketing Vancouver?

There are many different types of social media, and many services in social media marketing Vancouver. Here are a few of the major types and some examples of social media marketing Vancouver.

Social media marketing Vancouver type #1—–Social Networks
Examples: Facebook, LinkedIn
A social networking site allows you to connect with people who have similar interests and backgrounds. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the most popular examples of social network websites.
These platforms allow us to connect with friends, family, and even brands. Users can share thoughts, upload photos and videos, and participate in groups of interest.

Social media marketing Vancouver type #2—–Bookmarking Sites
Examples: Pinterest, Flipboard, Diggs
True-E: Bookmarking sites allow users to save and sort out links to online resources and websites. An incredible element of these sites is the ability for the users to “tag” links, which makes them easier to search, and invariably, share with their followers. StumbleUpon is a popular example of a bookmarking site.

Social media marketing Vancouver

Social media marketing Vancouver type #3—–Social news
Examples: Digg
True-E: A social news site allows its users to post news links and other items to external articles. Users then proceed to vote on said items, and the items with the highest number of votes are most prominently displayed. A good example of a social news site is Reddit.

Social media marketing Vancouver type #4—–Media Sharing
Examples: Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo
True-E: Media sharing websites allow users to share different types of media, with the two main ones being picture sharing and video facilitating destinations
The greater part of these sites also offers social features, similar to the ability to create profiles and the option of commenting on the uploaded images or videos. These platforms mostly encourage user-generated content where anyone can create, curate, and share the creativity that speaks about them or spark conversations.
YouTube remains the most well-known media-sharing site in the world.

Social media marketing Vancouver type #5—–Microblogging
Examples: Twitter, Facebook
True-E: These are just what they sound like, sites that allow the users to submit their short written entries, which can include links to product and service sites, as well as links to other social media sites. These are then posted on the ‘walls’ of everyone who has subscribed to that user’s account. The most commonly used microblogging website is Twitter.

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