2 different digital marketing strategies: Organic content and Paid media


The big players in paid digital marketing strategy(paid media) right now are obviously the kingpins like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, youtube ads, LinkedIn ads, and google ads. Essentially the major networks with ads added to the back of their name. Organic content shows up in the news feeds of people that follow you whereas with paid marketing and paid media it shows up in the news feeds and on the devices of the people that you choose through targeting.

2 types of digital marketing strategy


The tactics are the details and the actionable steps or executable things that you’re actually going to go and put into practice. So the digital marketing strategy being the business model you’re using, the market that you’re going to go after, the messages you’re going to use, and the media choices that you’re going to deploy your marketing on, and then the tactics being things like what frequency are you going to post…

Core four digital marketing strategy

digital marketing strategy

The core four digital marketing strategies are made up of model, market, message, and media. We have mentioned 2 of them in the last blog. Here we are going to talk about the rest of the digital marketing strategies.

Important digital marketing strategies you have to know

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy is all the big picture stuff and this is really where you want to focus your efforts first because this is the foundation that all of your future marketing efforts, tactics, tools, and software are going to be built on.