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Hey guys! It’s me, everyone’s favorite Vancouver web design expert. Today I’m doing something a little bit different. I’m gonna be talking about 5 tools that I use on almost every web design project. 

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The First Tool | Professional Vancouver Web Design

So the first one you might have heard of. It’s the best stock photo source I have ever come across. There’s other similar sites like Unsplash but Pexels is by far my favorite. They’re completely free. You don’t even have to credit the photographer. You can use them commercially on any web design project. For example, if you want some cool nature photography, they have just incredible professional photos that you can be used on your project. It’s super easy to download and you don’t even have to sign up for the service! You can just download the photo that you want to use. It’s a free download and it will just go right in your downloads. You don’t even have to credit the person that took it.

The Second Tool | Image Editor

Okay, the next tool that I want to talk about is called Pixlr and this is an online photo editor. It makes it really easy to quickly resize and darken images just in your web browser. They have an editor and they also have this new Pixlr X.

The Third Tool | Image Compressor

I want to talk the third important tool. It is called a and this is an online image compressor and it’s the best one that I’ve ever come across. It’s so simple to use and really quick to use. This tool is very useful to anyone who downloads large files, like the files in Pexels, and needs them to not take up a lot of server space in their website. Images that are very big in size will affect loading times for the users. This can cause the users to become impatient and leave your website.

Google likes really fast websites so if you have huge images that are just making your site chug, it’s really gonna affect your search results too. Using this app is very simple. All you have to do is drag or upload your file into the website and then click compress. After it is done, all you have to do is press the download button and voila, a smaller file size with the same quality. It is extremely important that you use this with your projects. I use it on every single project and the results are spectacular.

The Fourth Tool | Professional Vancouver Web Design

The next tool that I want to share with you guys is this CSS It’s this online background gradient editor and it makes it way easier than writing your own gradient code. You can play with the sliders here there’s a whole bunch of different settings. This app lets you adjust the colors, adjust the sliders to determine where the colors lie, and lets you choose between linear or radial. You can also choose the angle as well. This tool will give you very nice gradient backgrounds and it will make your website look spectacular.

The Fifth Tool | Animation Tools

The last and final tool that I wanted to tell you guys about is this keyframes app. This tool is very helpful in web design because it helps with the animations. This tool creates CSS animations and all you need to do is to use your basic web design skills to create a smooth and nice animation. This animation can be copied in the CSS code and all you have to do is to paste it back into your project.

Conclusion | Professional Vancouver Web Design

I hope you all learned something from this blog. These are the 5 most useful tools that are also free to use. I hope that these tools will help you in your web design career. If you feel that you want professional web designers to help you, all you have to do is press that bolded link.

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