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In 1991, the legendary designer, Massimo Vignelli, was famous for using six fonts for all of his works for all his clients. Hello everyone, I am the professional Vancouver web designer that teaches learners of all levels of web design. Let’s get started.

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Massimo Vignelli

If you don’t know who Massimo Vignelli is, you probably know his work from the New York subway to American airline to tons of other timeless work. He said this in his exhibition: “In the new computer age the proliferation of typefaces and type manipulation represents a new level of visual pollution threatening our culture out of thousands of typefaces. All we need are a few basic ones and trash the rest.

In this lesson, I want to familiarize you with those classic six fonts so that you can use them. You can become a legendary designer yourself with these fonts for web designing.

All right. Let’s get started with Vignelli’s classic six fonts. What are they good for? How should we use them? 

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1. Garamond | Vancouver Web Design

The first font is called Garamond. This is a classic font and these are coming back from the middle ages. This is kind of a new version of them and these fonts are classics. They’re good for tons of things where you need to look smart. They represent old wisdom in books. You can see them from the old apple “think different” campaign to the old google logo. Everybody that wants to look smart has been using Garamond. You can use it as well. I think it’s the default font on Windows. Google has this font on Google fonts and has an adaptation of it as well. Anytime you need to look smart, consider using Garamond.

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If you want to see the font in Google Fonts, you can go to Google Fonts: Garamond.

2. Bondoni | Vancouver Web Design

The next font is Bodoni. Bodoni is a French font that was coming out in the 17 to the 18th century and it was commissioned by this aristocrat. This is kind of an extreme example of when there is a very very high contrast between the horizontal and the vertical lines of the font. This really creates something that looks very premium. Actually Massimo Vignelli said that this font. Bodoni is actually the most elegant font ever designed. If you actually look at everything that’s tries to be fancy, they will most likely have this font.

The fashion industry loves to use this font because everything needs to look super elegant. Those are all variations of the classic Bodoni font. So if you need to be elegant, if you need to look sexy, make sure you check out the Bodoni family to look premium and elegant. 

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If you want to see the font in Google Fonts, you can go to Google Fonts: Bondoni.

3. Century | Vancouver Web Design

The next font is Century. To be honest, I have I’ve never used Century before. For any reason, this is one of the most readable fonts throughout history that’s being used. They are being used in all of the different books and magazines and stuff like that. Actually, I read that the American Supreme Court uses this font. The reason that the Court wants all documents to be submitted with Century font was because it will be easy for them to read.

Make sure you check out Century Expanded. Use it when you’re using a bunch of text and you need it to be super readable.

If you want to see the font in Microsoft, you can go to Microsoft Fonts: Century.

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