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True-E Marketing is one of the top online marketing companies in North America with over 15 years of experience.

Our team brings together industry elites from NASDAQ Internet-listed companies in the United States. We focus on helping your company develop a localized online marketing plan. 

We are one of the few digital marketing companies that provide free online marketing training courses. We have about 10,000 students all over the world. Our students come from Canada, the United States, China, Australia, and Europe.

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What is SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to obtain website target traffic from the natural ranking of search engines. Data shows that more than 87% of people search for the product or service they need from Google. 97% of people only look at the first page of the search results page, and 80% of them only look at the first page of natural search results, instead of advertising results.

The main elements that determine SEO performance include:

  • Site optimization

    SEO settings of the website itself

  • High-quality content

    website high-quality articles, pictures, and video content

  • External links

    How many high-quality websites are willing to link to your website

The better your website’s SEO is, the cheaper your website’s Google ads will be!

How Does SEO Work for My Business?

3 Types of Most Practical SEO for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Local SEO: Make your website appear in the front page of the search results when your potential customers search for your company’s name, products, and/or services on the Internet.

Keyword SEO: When companies start keyword SEO, they can not only bring accurate and targeted customers but also increase the traffic of their website. 

Traffic SEO: A website that does a good job in SEO can not only hold a large amount of free traffic for a long time but also save money and increase conversions compared to using PPC with applications such as Google Ads.

True-E’ s SEO Formula

Fill in the form on the website to register or scan the QR code to contact the assistant to make an appointment for a 30-minute free online consultation with Zoom. You need to send us your website link, the keywords you want to rank for, and your competitors' websites in advance so that we can have a basic understanding of your industry.
Our experienced team will first analyze your website, industry, and competitors. The team will formulate strategies based on the analysis results (including but not limited to analyzing keyword research, site optimization, external chain construction strategies, etc.).
We will estimate the time and cost of reaching the target based on the results of the research and analysis and send you a detailed contract for execution and a quote within one week.
We will communicate with customers every month and send progress reports. We will also check all relevant indicators and data to continue to improve our strategies and to ensure that we target the right audience and at the right time.

Our Customers Say 

Google Rating for True-E

4.8 out of 5 stars
100+  Reviews on Google

True-E is known for their professional and great services. They really know how to do website development, SEM and SEO. I highly recommend them if anyone is looking for an online digital marketing expert! Very good!

William Pu Music Academy

I am a real estate agent from Vancouver. True-E has done a very good job in the design and development of my real estate website, and I have also learned a lot in online marketing training courses such as SEO and website design. I am also a student of Jenny. In the training course, the YouTube video that the teacher taught me is very effective, and I given to True-E Marketing 5-stars review!

Mans International

Jenny is our company’s, 58Home Inc (Toronto, Canada), online marketing consultant. Jenny and her team are very skilled in SEO, website design, digital marketing training, PPC, and so on. I am her student and learned so much from her about digital marketing, like how to make and edit videos using a cell phone, how to use online marketing through Facebook, TikTok and websites, and how to make more organic search for our website using SEO techniques. I am very glad to work and study with Jenny.

TLCG Property Management Inc

True-E is known for their professional and great website design & development, SEM and SEO. I really recommend them if anyone is looking for an online digital marketing expert!

M Medi Spa

They have a good aesthetic of the design and very useful website SEOs. We would love to corporate with True-E again in the future!


Our Plans

Traffic SEO

The best for E-commerce website
$ 3,980
  • Includes All PROFESSIONAL SEO Services
  • 2 Converting Landing Pages Development/mo
  • Keywords Research & Restructure
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • Start from 6 SEO Based Articles/mo
  • 3 Competitors Analysis with Codes Insights

professional SEO

Perfect for B2B marketing to build reputation
$ 2,980
  • Up to 150 Keywords
  • 1 Converting Landing Page Development/mo
  • Monthly Quantitative Report
  • High Domain Authority Link Building
  • 4-6 SEO Based Articles/mo
  • 2 Competitors Performance Analysis

branding SEO

Ideal for a small local business
$ 1,980
  • Up to 50 Keywords
  • Website Health Examination
  • Monthly Quantitative Report
  • High Domain Authority Link Building
  • 2-4 SEO Based Articles/mo
  • 1 Competitor Analysis

Our Certificates

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Information & FAQ

How can SEO help my business

First of all, we should know what our SEO services include:

  1. In-site optimization: SEO settings of the website, such as the website’s title, description, keywords, site map, robots file, picture optimization, mobile phone adaptation… nearly 30 technical indicators.
  2. High-quality content updates: according to different industries, 1-10 high-quality original articles, pictures or videos should be updated every week.
  3. External links: The more high-quality and high-weight websites are willing to link to your website, the more benefits you will get.

With such a lot of professional workload, SEO usually costs thousands of dollars per month, but it always comes with a huge return.

SEO Montreal 1
SEO Montreal 2

Which business websites need to do SEO in particular?

    1. E-commerce brand websites. As long as they are not a drop shipping website, all e-commerce needs SEO. Otherwise, the traffic from advertising will make you almost unprofitable.
    2. B to B business, especially in industries that are in demand throughout the country or even the world, will save you the cost of participating in product exchange meetings every year.
    3. Industries which with high customer acquisition cost or high click prices, such as medical beauty, real estate brokerage, and financial loans.
    4. Websites that cannot be advertised, such as cannabis products and e-cigarette products.

SEO is like buying a house

  1. The effect is slow, usually 3-6 months to see the traffic and ranking. A new website takes longer.
  2. As time goes by, the cost becomes smaller and smaller, you can even get more and more high-quality conversion traffic without any cost.
  3. A website with good SEO can spend a lot less money (10%-55%) than competitors and get a better rank.
  4. Even if you post the same content, Google puts the good SEO website on the front.

True-E recommends that if your annual advertising exceeds $30,000 CAD, you should try to do SEO.

SEO Montreal 3
SEO Montreal 4

Is it enough to do Google SEO by posting articles?

That is incorrect! Millions of websites are created on the Internet every day, making Google’s algorithm complicated.

Google SEO would not work with only optimization on the home page, secondary page and bottom page of the website, but also pictures, text, and videos.

True-E Marketing’s built-in SEO website usually wins traffic within 3-6 months, even without advertising. By comparison, a website without SEO settings will take at least 3-6 months to get traffic and cost nearly $10000 more for nothing.

So, if a company wants website SEO, it must start with building a website!

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