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True-E Marketing is the Rank #1 PPC Agency Toronto that provides advanced PPC services with over 15 years of professional experience.

Our team brings together the top PPC agency elites from around the world to focus on helping small-size and middle-size businesses develop advanced customized online marketing plans.

As one of the top E Marketing Agencies, We also provide free online marketing courses. We have about 10,000 students in Canada, the United States, China, Australia, and Europe.

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What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of advertising. if you’re an advertiser or you hired some marketing services, you or your service provider will pay for each click on your website. Every single click that you’re driving you’re paying for each click. You don’t pay for impressions or anything like that, you’re paying for clicks specifically.

We, the Rank #1 PPC Agency Toronto, suggests using Google Ads. Google Ads is the most popular pay-per-click advertising network. We also have platforms such as Bing and Facebook. Facebook is a pay-per-click advertising network even though technically it’s not it’s really considered social advertising. You or your service provider are generally paying for impressions on Facebook ads, but it is still considered a pay-per-click advertising network.

To sum up, each PPC agency in Toronto are setting bids on keywords for clicks to their websites. So you or your PPC service provider are either bidding on keywords or you’re bidding on audiences.

Why use pay-per-click advertising? Why do you need True-E Marketing?

PPC agencies can easily promote your current offers, discounts, products, and services. True-E can promote anything you want by paying to get people to see your promotion.

Another reason is that our company can help you to track the total clicks you’ve driven the cost per click and your return on ad spend. One of the reasons to hire our professional service is for us to run your pay-per-click advertising campaigns and we will give you detailed reports of your campaigns. If you spend a thousand dollars on advertising, you can actually see how much that’s bringing back into your business. We will provide the best optimization and adjust the campaigns every time it changes and you will get the best results for your buck.

At last, when you hire our professional Pay-Per-Click services, ads are targeted which is going to help drive conversions like leads and sales. This agency can help you to target the people who are going to be the most interested in your products and your services.

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True-E’ s PPC Agency Toronto Formula

Fill in the form on the website to register or scan the QR code to contact the assistant to make an appointment for a 20-minute free online consultation with Zoom. You need to send us your website link, the keywords you want to rank for, and your competitors' websites in advance so that we can have a basic understanding of your industry.
Our experienced team will first analyze your website, industry and its competitors. The PPC agency Toronto team will then formulate strategies based on the analysis results.
Our PPC agency Toronto experts will estimate the time and cost of reaching the target based on the results of the research and analysis and send you a detailed contract for execution and a quote within one week.
We will communicate with customers every month and send progress reports. We will also check all relevant indicators and data to continue to improve our strategies, and to ensure that we target the right audience.

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Our Plans

Traffic SEO

The best for E-commerce website
$ 2,980
  • Start from 50 Keywords
  • 2 Converting Landing Pages Development/mo
  • Monthly Quantitative Report
  • High Domain Authority Link Building
  • Start from 10 SEO Based Articles Written
  • 3 Competitors Analysis with Codes Insights

Branding SEO

Perfect for B2B marketing to build reputation
$ 1,980
  • 50 Keywords
  • 1 Converting Landing Pages Development/mo
  • Monthly Quantitative Report
  • High Domain Authority Link Building
  • 4-10 SEO Based Articles Written
  • 2 Competitors Performance Analysis

Local SEO

Ideal for a small local business
$ 299
  • 10 Keywords
  • -
  • Monthly Quantitative Report
  • High Domain Authority Link Building
  • 1 SEO Based Article Written
  • 1 Competitor Analysis

Our Toronto PPC Agency Certificates

PPC Agency Toronto Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads Display

PPC Agency Toronto Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Search

PPC Agency Toronto Google Ads Video Certification

Google Ads Vedio

PPC Agency Toronto Shopping Ads Certification

Shopping Ads

FAQ about PPC Agency Toronto

How do you get started with Toronto PPC ads?

You or your hired marketing service can start by using popular pay-per-click advertising networks.

Google Ads, Bing ads, and Facebook Ads are very popular platforms for your hired services to start your campaigned advertisements. Also, You will need a professional to develop website or an app to promote.

Once you have your website and you’re ready to promote. Your hired agency will generally need to create different landing pages. Landing pages are where you’re going to be sending traffic to.

After your PPC agency created all the landing pages, what your they need to do is sign up with the pay-per-click networks. Your hired e marketing service should enter your payment information, and the pay-per-click agency can start by creating your first campaign.

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Is Hiring an Agency Worth It?

It’s definitely worth it. Since there are many different types of businesses that hires agencies for these Google Campaigns.

The key is how the agency you chose will do the testing and how they optimizing your campaigns. There are large pay-per-click companies that run PPC advertising ads every single day. Some of them have million-dollar yearly budgets.

When you’re trying to rank high in Google, it can be really difficult for normal agencies. So, you will need help from experts like the ones in True-E digital Marketing.

Hiring a professional service is worth it for businesses of all sizes, but you, as the business owner, do need some knowledge of pay-per-click advertising. Your chosen professional service also need to test the differences of pay-per-click ad networks (how they work, and how to get the best results for your budget).

If you do not have knowledge about it, hiring an agency, such as the Rank #1 PPC Agency Toronto, could be your best choice.

What are differences between PPC, SEM, and SEO?

There are many differences between them.

As beginners, you might think they all might be somewhat similar, but Pay-per-click is any form of paid advertising where the advertisers pay for each click on their ads. Experts knows how to improve the efficiency of your pay-per-click investment. It also can help you to save money on hiring professionals.

SEM search engine marketing is when advertisers pay for their website to appear on the search results pages. Any display advertisement you see it’s gonna be just based on the targeting that the advertiser has set.

SEO or search engine optimization is the actual organic listings on the search results pages. When someone clicks on one of your SEO results, you’re not paying for it at all. If someone clicks on an SEM or an ad, you’re going to pay for it as an advertiser.

If you are not an expert in Google SEO, your best option is to hire a professional pay-per-click agent.


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Learning About Pay-Per-Click

What is Pay-Per-Click? | pt1 | PPC Agency Toronto

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your website? Let’s talk about pay-per-click.

PPC is one of the best ways to attract visitors online and we will cover what it is in terms you should know and why you want to use it. PPC stands for pay-per-click and pay-per-click advertising is a method of online marketing where you can place ads in strategic places online and pay a fee only when the ad is clicked by a visitor, hence the name pay-per-click. It’s a way to buy visits to your site rather than attracting them organically.

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ppc toronto 1.1
ppc toronto 1.2

What is Pay-Per-Click? | pt2 | PPC Agency Toronto

First, pay-per-click advertising is extremely targeted. You can choose precisely who to show your ads to based on location, keywords, interests, age, gender, language, and even the type of device. So instead of wasting your money on mass marketing, you’re advertising your goods and services directly to the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Read more about what we, the Rank #1 PPC Agency Toronto, has to offer.

Read more about What is Pay-Per-Click? | pt2

SEO Blogs

It really depends on what keywords you’re targeting and what audiences you’re targeting. Because you’re entering an auction against another advertiser, generally, the amount you’re willing to pay for each click depends on the other advertisers as well.

They’re each bidding a certain amount and if we come back over here, it’s going to say the advertisements that show are based on a bid. Basically, the way it’s going to work is that Google Ads is going to take into account how much the advertiser is bidding. 

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How do you start pay-per-click ads? You can start by using popular pay-per-click advertising networks such as Google Ads, Bing or Microsoft adsFacebook Ads, and so on.

For the campaign, you just need to sign up. You need to enter your business information on some of these networks, you need to enter your website and some basic information.

Continue reading: How to Start a PPC Advertisement

Toronto Education

Toronto is the most famous city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. There are a number of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools in Toronto. In addition to those schools, Toronto is also home to several specialty and supplementary schools, which provide schooling for specific crafts or are intended to provide additional educational support.

The Geography

Toronto covers an area of 630 square kilometers (243 sq mi),[95] with a maximum north-south distance of 21 kilometers (13 mi). It has a maximum east-west distance of 43 km (27 mi) and it has a 46-kilometer (29 mi) long waterfront shoreline, on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. The Toronto Islands and Port Lands extend out into the lake, allowing for a somewhat sheltered Toronto Harbour south of the downtown core.[96] An Outer Harbour was constructed southeast of downtown during the 1950s and 1960s and it is now used for recreation. The city’s borders are formed by Lake Ontario to the south, the western boundary of Marie Curtis Park, Etobicoke Creek, Eglinton Avenue and Highway 427 to the west, Steeles Avenue to the north, and the Rouge River and Scarborough–Pickering Townline to the east.

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