Ecommerce website design templates or customized website

There is always an age-old question: should I go template or should I go custom when it comes to my eCommerce website design? There’s a lot of consideration for someone’s answering that question. There are eight different points that are relevant to actually use an eCommerce website template and not go custom.

As a frontend developer or a designer, you know that you need a personal portfolio and if you use a ecommerce website builder like Wix or Squarespace, they lack total customization and they lock you into using their platform. To be a pro you need to use the tools that the pros actually use. Start building your own projects and your own portfolio on an enterprise-level content management system like WordPress or drupal. Real ecommerce website development sometimes requires knowledge of spinning up servers, managing domain names and setting up an occasional staging environment. There’s no better or simpler way to learn the ins and outs of hosting your website than with anode cloud hosting. The node cloud hosting makes it as easy as possible for you to deploy a WordPress or drupal website in seconds with the free anode one-click app marketplace.

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Ecommerce website design templates or customized website 1: when you can’t design

The first one, when you’re a coder who can’t design. The only thing that really matters ultimately is the end result. There’s a lot of people personally who would try to be the jack of all trades. They want to handle every aspect, they want to design it even if they weren’t a great designer, they wanted to code it, and they wanted to mark it all themselves. That’s just that’s going to hurt you because in the end it looks like a turd and it’s not going to perform very well. So if you’re a coder and you can’t design using a template.

Ecommerce website design templates or customized website 2: when you don’t have enough money

Number two when you don’t have enough money. There are also other situations where perhaps a given client doesn’t have a big budget. That’s why you should give your clients or your potential client’s options. Not everybody has $4,000 for a customized designed eCommerce website and beyond. If that’s the case, maybe they only have 500, that’s the perfect use case for a template.

Ecommerce website design templates or customized website 3: when you don’t know cms

Number three when you don’t know cms. In this case, maybe you have limited funds so you can’t hire somebody to take your eCommerce website UI mockup or your prototype, and convert it into a WordPress theme. In that case, you’re just going to have to purchase a theme and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that scenario.

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