Rank #1 SEO Company Markham: Learning about SEO pt1

A very common question that is commonly asked is “What is SEO and why is it important?”. In this series of articles, you will learn about what SEO is and what it does for your business. Keep reading to make sure you understand and make sure to take some notes! These are professional information and tips from our professional SEO company Markham team.

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For Beginners | SEO Company Markham Explains

If you’re completely new to SEO, then it’s easiest to think of search engines as libraries. But instead of storing books, they store copies of websites and web pages. These search engines will store all of these websites. So when you search for a query, the search engine will then look through all pages in its index and try to return the most relevant results. Since there are so many websites, how does the algorithm know which website to show to you, the person that searches? SEO helps demonstrate to search engines that your page is that result. Now, you might be thinking: why should I focus on SEO when there are so many other marketing mediums? Well, there are three major things that attract marketers to search engine optimization and in our, the SEO Markham Company, opinion, these three things make SEO the best traffic source. Make sure to look over our SEO services!

#1. Unlike paying for ads, search traffic is free. | SEO Company Markham Explains

To gain traffic, normally you would think of ways on improving sales and traffic with advertisements. Well, this would mean that you will need to find an arsenal of keywords and phrases and each traffic will be gained only through paying. We, the SEO Markham company, don’t suggest this as every single time someone clicks onto your advertisement, you will need to pay so much money just for a chance on a conversion. Usually, you would be spending more money on advertisements and go under because of the lack of sales to balance it out. However, with SEO, you can get FREE traffic just because the search engine recognizes that your website has the keywords inside the website itself. With our SEO Company Markham, we can assure you that our services will bring more value than advertisements.

#2. Organic traffic is typically consistent once you’re ranking high.

Whereas other mediums like social media and email marketing often result in traffic spikes that usually end up fading to nothing. It makes sense because social media networks are designed to surface fresh content. Emails often get marked as read, forgotten, or land in the spam box. Whereas search traffic is a result of users actively searching for information. The number of searches for a given topic is typically consistent month to month. But, how do you rank high in the first place? Well, we suggest that you choose our SEO company in Markham to do the SEO for your business. We will listen to you and plan a whole strategy for your business to reach your goals. Click here for SEO company Markham services and pricing plans.

#3. You have the opportunity to reach massive audiences you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

In fact, as of October 2019 there were nearly 4.39 billion internet users around the world and almost 4 billion of those people are Google users. This is why search engine optimization is an 80 billion dollar industry and why marketers from all walks of life are adopting and pursuing it today. Everyone wants their business to get discovered and SEO is the perfect way to do that.

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