How to choose a qualified SEO company Markham, Part 3.

When we talk about an SEO company Markham we are talking about free legitimate organic traffic that costs you nothing per click. So ask your SEO company Markham, is this pay per click? is this a paid ad that you’re doing? There’s a lot of SEO company Markham when they say we’re number one Google and they just have a paid ad. It’s not the same thing because not near as many people click on those ads as they do on organic.

What is SEO company Markham

Pay per click is good and there are a lot of SEO company Markham who use it and many SEO company Markham use it well. But don’t make yourself confused, the free organic traffic is what you truly want instead of paid traffic (some SEO company Markham would not tell you they are doing PPC)


Ask your SEO company Markham: are you a directory?

In other words, it’s kind of like a lot of the Yellow Page websites. Some SEO company Markham have their own SEO company Markham website and by saying they’re going to get you to number one really what your SEO company Markham are going to do is add you into their directory and hopefully, the directory of your SEO company Markham will be number one. So what’s gonna happen is your SEO company Markham, they’ll claim to have you on page one, but when you go there you’ll see that it’s the yellow pages. And then you click on that and you see yourself but maybe you also see all your competitors. You really need to question your SEO company Markham: is your website going to be directly linked from google? (not going to some directory and then to your website) You want to make it to where when someone doesn’t search in google, your website directly comes up on page one of Google results. So that’s another common trick SEO company Markham usually uses. Ask your SEO company Markham: are you simply going to be placed in a directory that ranks well on google? or will your website rank well on google? There’s a big difference between them.

So, be really careful to choose your SEO company Markham.

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