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Hey True-E SEO Learners. Welcome to the first part of SEO Basics, with your favorite New York SEO services specialist, which is on search intent. I touched on this in the first lesson on SEO basics (read about the previous New York SEO articles here), but I really want to take some time to unpack what it is and how to use the SEO basics in keyword research.

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Search Intent | New York SEO Expert Explains

If you can’t match searcher intent, then you probably aren’t going to rank for your target keywords. I touched a lot about User Search Intent in many articles so make sure to read them. So again, search intent represents the reason behind a searcher’s query. Remember that SEO and search intent are closely tied together. Matching search intent is one of those “must do” things to show search engines that your page will fulfill their goal – to deliver the most relevant results for any given query. While it might sound like you’re trying to satisfy Google’s SEO and their algorithm, what you’re actually doing is learning what you need to do to satisfy the searcher’s intent. Identifying search intent is usually quite easy. All you have to do is search for the keyword you want to rank for and then analyze the top-ranking results.

The 3 C’s | Rank #1 SEO Services New York Strategies

The top-ranking results are a great proxy to understand search intent because Google understands what searchers want, probably more than anyone else. To learn more about how Google SEO works, you can watch some of these videos on this channel. Now, “analyzing” is kind of a jargony word, but I have a simple 3-prong formula you can use. It’s called the 3 C’s of search intent. 

First C: The Content Type

Content type can usually be categorized into blog posts, videos, product, category, and landing pages. For example, the dominant type of pages for the query “best golf shoes” will be blog posts. As seen in the example below, the high ranking websites and links that are listed for this search inquiry are mostly blogs. If you want to reach the high ranks in search inquiries, contact the Rank #1 SEO company.

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Second C: The Content Format

This applies more to blog posts and landing pages. A few common blog formats you’ll see are “how-to,” step-by-step tutorials, list posts, and opinion editorials. For a landing page, that might be something like a tool or calculator. Again for the query “best golf shoes,” most of the top results are listicles. This makes sense because the word “best” implies that a comparison needs to be made.

Third C: The Content Angle

This basically depicts the “benefit.” It’s basically your hook as to why someone should click and visit your page. For “best golf shoes,” you’ll see that every post has gone with the “freshness angle,” which is evident based on the current year being in the titles. In my opinion, this is the least important and often least consistent among top-ranking pages.


The 3 C’s of SEO is the content type, the content format, and the content angle. You must have all 3 C’s in order to have a good website. The 3 C’s will be talked about more in future lessons so make sure to keep reading the blogs!

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