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Hi everyone. I’m a Vancouver web design expert. Today, I just want to share with you guys the tools that I use. The process that I follow to find new clients is to find inspiration to build up a prototype and then to finally build a product that I can sell to a client. I’m hoping it will give you guys some motivation to get your mind thinking a little bit on how you can create your own web design agency. I also want to give you motivation and ideas on how you can go out, start building websites and start selling them to make extra money. One more thing, I am not sponsored by any of these companies that I talk about. As of right now, I’m being totally genuine. If you want a professional web designer to build your website, click on the bolded link.

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Using Website Builders | Vancouver Web Design

I don’t personally think that you need to build every single website from scratch. Ever since I started doing freelance work, I’ve used these software builders for all of my work. I’ve used Squarespace, I’ve used Wix, I’ve used Shopify. My personal favorite is I’ve used Webflow. A lot of people don’t like these website builders. The reason is that they don’t give you the full range of customization that you can get with vanilla coding. That’s why I use Webflow and again, I’m not sponsored by Webflow. I am just a huge fan of Webflow. If you want more free text tutorials, visit our web design blogs.

The reason that I am taking my web design business more seriously is because of what Webflow has to offer. If you guys are not familiar with Webflow, essentially it is a way of building websites using html and CSS but instead of actually typing out the code line by line, it is much simpler. You’re able to use an interface where you’re able to click buttons, you’re able to add div, tags sections, images, anything that’s CSS. You can add flexbox, you can change the colors, you can do grid, you can change the positioning. It’s a really awesome feature, something that I love. I love that I can bill my clients directly through Webflow, I can charge them whether that’s a one-time charge of a few thousand dollars or if I’m charging them monthly, I can do it directly through Webflow. There’s a lot of really cool features that are perfect for freelancers. Since I’m a Vancouver web design expert at True-E, I still use this tool to build all the websites.


I can build custom websites from the ground up. There are many useful tools like free UI kits, free templates, paid templates, and more. These are all methods that I’ve used before. I understand the satisfaction of creating a website from scratch but templates will make it much easier. You have to understand the importance of a satisfied client. A happy client leads to more clients and if you want to build websites from the ground up and become a master developer, do that. If you want to buy templates and turn around and sell them for more money, do that. There really is no right or wrong way of building and selling websites.

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