Calgary Web Design Service Team Explains: E-Commerce vs Traditional Businesses

E-Commerce businesses are more profitable than traditional businesses in 2021. In 2021, there are more and more daily users on the internet each day. This is where web design will be very important.

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Traditional, in-person businesses are not profitable at all in 2021 as they will need to pay for rent of the store, decorations, stocking, and hiring employees to run the business, which will cost about $200,000+ each year. Also remember that the better the area for these in-person stores are, the more the rent will cost, such as downtown vs suburbs.

Online E-Commerce businesses do not need to pay all these fees as all you need is a website and products and/or services and maybe a couple assistants. But to have a successful business on the internet, you must have an attractive website.

An example where an attractive website works is before one of True-E’s customers met the Calgary web design service team, they were selling their products to middlemen for about $3 per item while the middlemen sold them for about $60. After they met the Calgary web design service team, they wanted to build their own website and sell them directly to the world. After the website was built, they hired 2 assistants and sold the products for $30 per product. 2 years after True-E’s Calgary web design service team created the website, this business owner made more than 5 times the previous income through their online brand store. If this person opened an in-person store, the return would be much less and the products would have to be sold for more.

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