Best Ecommerce website design ideas you have to know in 2021

E-commerce is on the rise however because everybody’s using the same Shopify templates most eCommerce website just look the same. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how to break away from the normal templates and make sure that your eCommerce website stands out.

We’re now in 2021. Because of lots of lockdowns, e-commerce is on the rise and so many new brands are starting to get an approach directly to consumers instead of having to sell through supermarkets. So we have so many new e-commerce websites, and most of them are using Shopify. But when you want your brand to create some kind of a unique special connection and stand out in the marketplace, you need to rethink how you’re building your eCommerce website.

I want to dissect two websites and explore two ideas that I think you should really pay attention to when you’re designing your next e-commerce website. For most eCommerce websites, because they’re using templates, most eCommerce website product pages are just standard and most product catalogs are standard. You cannot show how your product is different from other products if all you see is just the packaging and then a product page with a list.

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1. Art direction of eCommerce website

So the things that we want you to pay attention to are two very important things. The first one is art direction. You really have to invest in how you present the product itself whether it is taking a photo of it very clean and allowing for interaction. You can’t really just put in products on a white background on your eCommerce website anymore. This is so boring people are fed up with it. You need to share a little bit more context about the product and the art direction has so much effect on it.

2. Storytelling your eCommerce website

The second thing is: by breaking down the traditional layout, gives you much more space for storytelling. And by storytelling, you can show how you’re different, and you can create a bond with the users and convince them that your product is a great fit for them.

So pay attention to these two things: how you can story tell by breaking out of the traditional layout? And great creating great art direction by taking specific photos of your product either in context or by breaking them down, so you’ll be able to use interactions to show the opening experience and what’s inside the package.

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