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The digital market is booming and marketing is rising as well. As a marketer, you can make a killing as a professional. But if you’re trying to learn marketing and try to learn the knowledge for a digital marketing certificate by just Googling stuff, things are gonna be very confusing. You’ll get conflicting advice from different websites which will cause a lot of panic because you don’t know which is the correct information to get a digital marketing certificate. This article will break down the best resources for you to learn marketing so you can get a head start on your marketing career.

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HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers digital marketing courses in nearly every subject. They even allow you to get a certification (not a digital marketing certificate) when you’re finished with the course that’ll look great on your resume. From advertising to growth marketing all the way to website design, HubSpot offers a plethora of different design courses for digital marketing, which will bring you closer to a digital marketing certificate. They offer many different forms of teaching, including guides, webinars and even provide different marketing templates like social media editorial Calendar templates. These are so important in being one step closer to getting a digital marketing certificate.

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Google Skill Shops

This is Google’s official platform where you can learn how to do marketing using Google’s products like Google Ads Ways, Google Analytics and Google My Business. These Google tools are very important as you will need them for your digital marketing certificate and your job. You can essentially learn how to run paid ads on Google’s platforms like Search Display Network and their mobile ads, while you’re learning how to do marketing for local businesses and measure the results within Google Analytics. A good example of this is you can learn how to run ads within Gmail. Gmail has a ton of users, but very few people in marketing run ads on Gmail versus running it on Google. Digital marketers with their digital marketing certificates are expected to be proficient with these Google tools.

It also has training ranging from introductory to advanced courses, so it can be helpful whether you’re just starting out or you already have some experience, you can even get a certification from Google itself (not a digital marketing certificate). Lots of companies love this certificate, even though it isn’t a digital marketing certificate, they find value in the Google certificate. This Google certification might not be the digital marketing certificate but it will help with your resume. 

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