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Hi everyone! In today’s Q&A, we will be answering the question “what is a PPC Agency”. I will be able to respond to these questions because I am an employee of True-E marketing that specializes in PPC. True-E is a PPC Agency in Toronto and without further introductions, let’s begin!

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What is PPC?

PPC is the acronym for pay per click. This is one of the many online marketing tools that are at the disposal of professional PPC agencies. PPC happens when advertising your website or product on other platforms, such as different search engines, social media platforms, and more. How pay per click works is that whenever someone clicks on your advertisement, the one who posts the advertisement will be charged a small fee. This is because the owner is essentially buying traffic. Normally, PPC is used in search engines. When people search a query that has keywords or a key phrase, the search engine algorithm will try to match it with the most relevant results. Along with organic rankings, PPC advertising can bring your website or e-commerce website to the top spot. If you want to create your own campaigns without the help of professionals, you can access Google Ads Here. If you want professional PPC experts to help you optimize your campaigns, get your free PPC audit now!

Why do you want the top spots?

The reason is that for e-commerce websites, more than an average of 80% of people and visitors click on the link in the first page. About 50% of those people click into the very first search result. This means that if your website is in the highest spot, you will get more sales. Learn more about PPC in this PPC YouTube Video.

What is CPC?

CPC is the acronym for cost per click. This is a similar term to PPC and their meanings are essentially the same. The only time when you will use CPC is when you are asking for the actual pricing for each of the clicks. Other than that, CPC also means what PPC means.

A Toronto PPC Agency

PPC agencies are companies or an agency that business owners can hire to do their advertisements. These agencies will do everything in their arsenal of tools to get you to your goals. There are some PPC agencies that charge more that other for the same value so make sure to look at what they offer before choosing. I can say that True-E Digital Marketing provides the best value for the lowest price.

What does True-E Offer? | PPC Agency Toronto

True-E’s PPC experts will optimize campaigns, do research on keywords, research which platforms suit your business, and more. If you are curious about pricing and information, visit our Toronto PPC Agency Page.

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