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Hey there, it’s your favorite Markham SEO company expert. Today we will be going over what Topical Authority is? This topical authority concept is very important for making SEO work in one’s website. This will be the continuation of the previous lesson. If you haven’t read the last lesson, I highly suggest you do as there are very good content and information there. Read “Determining the Ranking Difficulty for SEO” now.

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What is Topical Authority?

This is the perceived authority for a niche. When looking at the top-ranking websites, why are they up there? Well, Google wants to rank pages from authoritative sources and this goes beyond backlinks. The question you should be asking yourself is: “Is my website equally or more topically authoritative than the top-ranking websites?” If you want your website to reach the highest spot in Google, get a free audit with the Rank #1 SEO company in Markham!

What Makes Your Website Authoritative? | Tips from a SEO professional

Google’s algorithm changes very frequently and the method of SEO is being changed everyday. There are 5 ways to identify authoritative websites.

  1. The Website Value. When looking at a website, make sure to think, “is this websites valuable to my customers/visitors?” Make sure that there are content in the blog or website that provides real value. If the website is meant for SEO usage with very hard to read text, it would not be as valuable.
  2. The Quality of the Inbound Links: You want your website link to come from organic websites. This purpose of inbound links are that other websites use YOUR link in their website, which give it a lot more authority as Google may think that, “Oh, this website is trustworthy because someone else is vouching for their content.”
  3. The Quality of the Outbound Links: The outbound links should be valuable links for your area of business. Examples can be like linking a popular blog for cat toys to your website and you are selling pet toys. Make sure that it relates to your niche.
  4. The Traffic: High traffic usually means higher authority score since more people are entering the site and liking whatever is on there. Make sure to link to websites that have high amounts of traffic.
  5. Engaging Content: Having high traffic is not everything. You want your customers or visitors to stay in your site. Using various different tactics, such as promotions, offers, and interesting content, your authority score will increase with having more engagements. Other ways can be like letting the visitors reading your blog and telling them to share the blog, comment, and even like the blog itself.

If you want to learn more about how SEO works from our professional SEO company Markham, you can check out our SEO blogs.

How to Actually Rank Your Website | SEO Company Markham Expert Explains

There is a little checklist that a professional Markham SEO company should be doing. If you have more checkmarks, that means that you should have a higher chance of ranking.

  1. “Do some of the top-ranking pages fail to closely match search intent?”
  2. “Can I get more quality backlinks than the top-ranking pages?”
  3. “Is my website in a similar DR range or higher than the top-ranking websites?”
  4. “Is my website equally or more topically authoritative than the top-ranking websites?”

Some other things to keep in mind is that you need to understand the other principles that was previously mentioned, such as traffic potential and business value. So as you can see, understanding how hard it’ll be to rank in Google will be a key skill to your success in search. If you want more FREE video tutorials and lessons on SEO, visit our YouTube Channel for SEO.

Make sure to realize that even if all of these questions are checked, it doesn’t mean that you will immediately rank high. It will take time and more effort in the back to actually push it onto the top spots. If you want professional SEO help, our Markham SEO experts will help you.

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