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What is the Meta Description?

The meta description, also known as the meta description attribute or tag, is a part of HTML coding in your website. This HTML element is the summary and the description of your website. This meta description is usually found, for users, under the title of the link in the search engine. This meta description is beneficial for blogs and e-commerce websites for the sake of letting the user read the summary of the content of the page before clicking into the website.

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How does Meta Description help SEO? SEO Company Markham Explains

The meta description plays an important role in SEO. Before, the meta description would be the most important part of the website in the days where the search engine algorithms were still fairly new. Since search engine algorithms has vastly improved since a few years back, Google now understands related keywords, synonyms, and actually has coding to look through the website to deem it whether it is worthy of a high rank. The meta description still plays a huge role in the present. Learn more about SEO in our SEO lessons!

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The meta description is typically shown here. To edit your meta description, you will need to see which apps you are using to build your website. Some tools give you an option of letting you write your own meta description.

What should you add into your meta description?

The content that you should add into your meta description are what you want your customers or visitors to know. They should be a summary that has the keyword, a synonym of your keyword, or a related keyword in your meta description. Since Google will cut off at a certain point in the text if it is too long, the meta description should be around 150-160 characters for the best results.

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Example | SEO Company Markham Explains

For example, if I want to write a meta description for my blog about “the best car seat for babies”, it could be similar to:

“The 15 best car seats for babies and infants. The car seats with the best value and price, all in one website.”

This type of meta description is not wordy and has all the keywords that I want it to have. It’s a summary of what my website is about and it has the keywords and related keywords. The “babies” and “infants” part are both very popular words that relate to each other and I added it as well.


The meta description acts as an organic ad text that is a summary of your website. You want to add your keywords in the meta description and you want it to be the description or summary of your website.

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