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Hey SEO learners, today we will be going over the topic of on-page SEO, brought to you buy the Rank #1 SEO Company Markham. If you haven’t read the Topical Authority lesson yet, I highly recommend in doing so. If you haven’t read the Choosing Keyword lesson yet, you will be missing a lot of important information.

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What is On-page SEO? | SEO Company Markham Explains

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher in search engines. It’s heavily relied around optimizing pages for search intent. Not only does the content in the article matter for the purpose of SEO, the HTML codes and the TDK are also very important.

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The TDK is used by True-E Marketing for the purpose of HTML SEO. HTML is the coding used by the website to make the design and what the visitors will see. TDK stands for Title, Description, and Keyword.

On-Page SEO | SEO Company Markham Explains

We’re going to discuss both what on-page SEO is and what it is not. Remember that the method of using SEO changes everyday and that most of the information and advice you find online are most likely outdated. While there are many old school tactics that are still being recommended, we should to focus on just three points to help you navigate the noise. If you want more free video content, check out our SEO YouTube Channel.

Exact Keywords

On-page SEO is not about stuffing exact match keywords. It used to be common practice to include the exact keyword you wanted to rank for in your title, URL, and content. This would mean that the SEO experts will try to repeat the exact keyword multiple times and as many times as possible in order for Google to think that their website is very relevant to the search intent. For example, if an old school professional SEO expert wanted to rank for “car dealer San Diego” they would stuff that keyword throughout the page despite the fact it doesn’t make sense grammatically.

The thing is, Google understands this now as their algorithm is improving everyday and now understand synonyms, connecting words, and related keywords and phrases. This means that SEO content creators don’t have to focus on the exact keyword anymore. Unfortunately, stuffing exact match keywords is still being practiced today which can lead to poor user experience and poor readability; all things that on-page SEO should not do. If you want the perfect website with perfect SEO, visit our SEO Services Page.

Repetitive Keywords

On-page SEO is not about using keywords a specific number of times on the page. It doesn’t matter how many times the website uses the keyword in their website as Google will know if the content is worthy of showing to others or not.

Ok, think of this scenario. A popular business website of over 5000 keywords. It is impossible for all of these keywords to fit into your website AND have them repeated 5-10 times. This will make the website content very hard to read and Google will not like that as their primary goal is to provide high-quality content to the searchers.

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For example, when you search “diet plan” in Google, something like the image above will be shown. Not all of these websites have the keyword in their URL, their title, and their description. Google takes relevant keywords and phrases and tries to match it with the searcher’s intent.

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