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Hey SEO learners, this is the continuation for “On-Page SEO | SEO Company Markham” lesson. We will be going over the third goal in this lesson. Please read the previous lesson if you have not done so as it will make a lot more sense if you did read it.

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On-Page SEO | SEO Company Markham Explains

Minimum Word Count

On-page SEO isn’t about meeting a minimum word count. Some studies have shown that the average content length of the top 10 results is over 2,000 words. As a result, many SEOs have recommended that you create pages that are at least that length. This is actually not a good advice. It is very dependent of what you are trying to rank and what your website is all about. Some pages and tools don’t need words to make it popular. For example, some websites have around 100 words max and can still rank the highest, despite having competitors using over 5000 words to ty to win the Google algorithm. Now, let’s talk about what on-page SEO is today in 2021 and beyond. Looking at the definition again, on-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher in search engines. As I mentioned, this revolves heavily around optimizing pages for search intent. If you want more free SEO video tutorials, visit our YouTube Channel.

How to Satisfy Searcher’s Intent

We talked about the 3 C’s of search intent which should help you get the basic stuff down like the content type, format, and angle. In addition to this, your content needs to address the things people expect to see. You’ll also want to nail the more “tangible” items like titles, subheadings, internal linking, readability, and of course, the actual content itself. If you want a perfectly done SEO Page, contact us on our SEO services page.

Optimizing Pages for Searches | SEO Company Markham Explains

Let’s go over on how to create a page that’s optimized for search. Earlier, we went over some of examples of top ranking sites. Read “On-site SEO, explained by a Markham SEO Specialist” now. On average, the top ranking page ranks for nearly 1,000 keywords. For example, Healthline’s page is clearly targeting the query “how to lose weight fast.” and they’re ranking in the top spots. Traffic to these pages doesn’t come from just their target keyword. It comes from a huge selection of thousands of queries that are ranked.

In order to rank for a ton of keywords and get a ton of search traffic you need two things.

  1. A page that is optimized to rank in Google
  2. Backlinks

Optimized Page

This is the most important part for optimizing pages for searches. You must satisfy the searcher’s intent with your page. We’ve already covered the 3 C’s of search intent which again will give you very basic guidance on the type of content to create, the format to use, and the angle to go with.

The actual content itself is what’ll leave your visitors satisfied or dissatisfied. So you might be wondering: “What exactly do I write about in order to satisfy searchers?” The short answer is to learn from your competitors. The top-ranking pages are ranking at the top for a reason. Google and other search engines deem them as the best candidates to satisfy a searcher’s query.

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