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Google and other search engines deem the top ranking pages as the best candidates to satisfy a searcher’s query. But why is that so? The top ranking sites are definitely doing something right in accordance to what they are doing to satisfy the Google algorithms. Let’s go over some examples to see why top ranking sites are actually in the top ranking spots.

Example #1 | SEO Company Markham Explains

First impressions

Let’s say that we want to create content that targets the query “best golf club sets”. Remember to use your keyword explorer tool and search for the query that you want to search for. Going back to this case, it would be “best golf club sets”. Alright, so looking at the SERP, we want to pick out the top 3 or so relevant ranking results. As I said before, by relevant, I’m talking about pages that match the dominant search intent based on the 3 C’s we’ve discussed SO many times now. The majority of pages are blog posts in the listicle format with freshness as the content angle.

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Why is this “bestproducts” page so good that it is in the #1 spot in the search results? Looking at the search result (before entering the website) we see that they have a very attractive title for golf players. The key phrase of “best gold club sets” is written in the meta description but not in the title. Remember that Google finds the synonyms or related keywords to the query and shows the searcher the most relevant websites. In this case, the related key phrase would be “golf club sets”. Learn more about SEO and web design on our YouTube Channel!

Second Impressions

Looking at this example, we wouldn’t look at pages from Amazon or Golf Galaxy. The reason is because these pages are clearly ecommerce category pages. Doing the SEO at this point will need to find the target audience and what type of websites the keyword for the SEO will lead to. As a result from being ecommerce pages, they are therefore outliers to the dominant search intent. Remember that there are going to be keyword modifiers that will change the results from an ecommerce website to a blog. If you didn’t read about “Keyword Modifier SEO“, click on this bolded link.

Diving into the Website | SEO Company Markham Evaluates

Diving into the website, we see that this is a blog type website. This is common for queries that have “top 10” or “best” as they will be listing the best of whatever they are writing about. Having these words in your title attracts lots of traffic into the site with its attractive title, the “top” keyword modifier. The fact that it is telling the readers about the best items that they can buy. These type of blogs are very popular as the people who wants to buy the golf club sets are indecisive about finding a perfect golf club set and wants opinions from the web. If you want lots of traffic in your website, get your free SEO Service audit right now!

Looking through this article, the author writes about the 10 golf club sets that they found and writes about why they are good in terms of quality and whatever else there is.

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