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Search engines like Google want to put the best candidates on the top ranking pages to satisfy a searcher’s query. Why does these search engines want to do this? The top ranking sites must be doing something that satisfies the algorithms that these search engines are desperately trying to refine and improve. Let’s go over some examples to see why top ranking sites are actually in the top ranking spots. If you want free video lessons on SEO, visit our YouTube Channel!

Example #2 | SEO Company Markham Explains

First impressions

Going back to the previous search query, our second example from “best golf club sets” is this website.

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Looking at this title, it isn’t something special. The title has a related key phrase similar to the “best golf club sets” but not exactly the same. This is a prime example of Google knowing the synonyms and the related key phrases and keywords and match them with each other. This blog’s key phrase must be “best golf clubs set” as it is written in the title as well as in the meta description. In the meta description, the “Best Golf Clubs Set” is bolded, despite the search query not being exactly the same. If you want the rank #1 SEO services to do your SEO, click on the bolded text to get your free audit!

Diving into the Website | SEO Company Markham Evaluates

In this website, the format is similar to the previous example. This one is mainly focused on having a good experience and having a good time for the sets it is suggesting. If you look through more examples, some of these key focus points will be different. There will be ones for “best selling”, “best value”, “best quality, and so on. Now, unless you’re a golfer, you may not have caught this minor, but perhaps important detail. All of the pages talk about sets that would appeal more to beginners.

Make sure to note the fact that these are more likely to appeal to beginners as there will definitely be more beginners than professionals. Note the fact that you want to appeal to the better and bigger audience. Professionals of sports will be buying custom made golf clubs from extremely expensive manufacturers. As a result, you want to appeal to the beginners who want to have the best golfing experience. In my opinion, these wouldn’t appeal to an intermediate or advanced level golfer.

Choosing the correct keywords for SEO is very important. If you have a golfing equipment business, you want to choose keywords that will help your ecommerce business. This type of keyword, the “best golf club sets” will mainly be for blogs. This in turn can help your business by adding your website link inside the blog.

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