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Hi SEO learners! I’m the professional SEO Montreal expert that is currently working in True-E Digital Marketing. Today we will be going over some examples of on-page SEO. If you haven’t learned about on-page search optimization yet, click this bolded link <-.

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Recap | SEO Montreal Expert Explains

Let’s go over what SEO is again. Search engine optimization is the art of satisfying the search engine algorithms for a website. Search engines like Google wants to put the best results for their users. The algorithm will try to determine which websites are the most relevant and which are the best. Why does Google want to give the most relevant results? It is to satisfy the search queries that the users search for. So how do you get your website onto the top ranks? These top ranking websites must be doing something that these search engines love. Okay, let’s go over why top ranking websites are actually in the top ranking spots. If you want free video lessons on SEO, visit our YouTube Channel!

The First Example | SEO Montreal Expert Explains

Let’s go over some random examples. A random topic that I just thought of are “best baby toys”. Let’s see what we get when we first search this. If you want your website to reach the top ranks, get your free SEO audit now!

First Impressions

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This is the first result that we get. Remember that there will be advertisements so make sure you look at the first organic search result. We searched “best baby toys” and the first result is a blog telling us what the best 18 infant toys in 2021 are. This website looks like they are using the keyword “best infant toys”. How do I know this? When you look at the URL, the URL has the words “best-infant-toys”. This means that this blog is trying to focus on this keyword. Looking at the title, it also has the keyword “best infant toys” in there as well. So what makes this blog so popular? Well, looking at the other elements of the title, it has a very attractive title. It has how many toys are in the review. In this case, there are 18 different infant toys that they are telling us about. The element “2021” is also very important to attract visitors as they will think “oh, this is recent so it must be the most recent review”.

Diving into the Website

Clicking into the website, it only has to repeats of the exact keyword. This means that they didn’t spam the keyword as many times as possible to reach the top ranks. Remember that content is very important so let’s take a look. Looking at this blog, they have pictures, internal and external links, and a lot of different products. With Google’s SEO algorithm, Google noticed that this site has a lot of good external links. These external links are authoritative as they are from well known companies such as Amazon.

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