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Our SEO Montreal company presents to you how our experts use on-page SEO. This lesson will be for beginners that are just starting to learn SEO. If you haven’t read the Topical Authority lesson yet, I highly recommend in doing so. If you haven’t read the Choosing Keyword lesson yet, you will be missing a lot of important information.

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What on Earth is On-page SEO? | SEO Montreal Secrets

What is on-page SEO and in what way is it related to SEO? On-page SEO is used to optimize web pages to rank above others in search engines like Google and Bing. On-page SEO includes everything in the website, from the content to the HTML of the website, and to the TDK.

What is the TDK? | SEO Montreal Secrets

TDK stands for Title, Description, and Keyword. This abbreviation is used by True-E Marketing, the rank #1 SEO company in Montreal. The purpose of the TDK is for the betterment of the HTML SEO.

On-Page SEO

The methods of on-page SEO changes everyday as Google updates its algorithms everyday. Most methods found online are most likely outdated and you shouldn’t believe everything you read. As so, we’re going to discuss both what on-page SEO is. While there are numerous old fashioned strategies that are as yet being suggested, we ought to zero in on only three focuses to assist you with exploring the commotion. If you want more free video content, check out our SEO YouTube Channel.

Matching Exact Keywords

In the past, SEO used to be putting all the keywords into the articles and websites. The professionals will stuff the exact keywords into these web pages as many times as possible. Before, you would put the exact keyword or key phrase into your title, description, and the URL. This would imply that the SEO specialists will attempt to repeat the specific catchphrase on different occasions and whatever number occasions as could be allowed with the end goal for Google to imagine that their site is exceptionally pertinent to the hunt goal. For instance, if an old fashioned proficient SEO master needed to rank for “vehicle vendor San Diego” they would stuff that catchphrase all through the page regardless of the reality it doesn’t bode well syntactically.

Google is a very advanced search engine. Their algorithms improves every single day and it now understands the synonyms, connecting words, and related keywords and phrases. This actually helps content creators reach the top of the organic rankings compared to the ones that force the keyword. Fortunately, Google has weeded out the majority of non-user friendly content that were practiced in the past. This content is unreadable and will have poor user experiences. If you want the perfect website and perfect SEO, visit our SEO Services Page.

Repetitive Keywords

With the new Google algorithm, you do not have to repeat the keywords a certain amount of times for Google to deem it relevant to the search queries. The Google algorithm will deem whether the website is relevant with not only the keywords, but with their synonyms and related keywords as well. Alright, think about this situation. A famous business site of more than 5000 keywords. It is possible for these keywords to squeeze into your site AND have them repeated 5-10 times? This will make the site content extremely difficult to read and Google will ignore these websites as their essential objective is to give great substance to the searchers.

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For instance, when you search “diet plan” in Google, something like the picture above will be shown. Not these sites have the keyword in their URL, their title, and their depiction. Google takes significant keywords and expressions and attempts to coordinate with it with the searcher’s goal.

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