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Welcome to the SEO course for beginners. We, the rank #1 SEO services in New York, will tach you what link building is. This is probably the most important and hardest SEO strategy that you will be learning. To start off, we are going to talk about what it is, what mindset you need, and why it is important. These will definitely help you be successful at it. Let’s get started.

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What is Link Building? | SEO Services New York

Link building is the action or process of getting your link into other websites. These links are hyperlinks and these hyperlinks are called backlinks. The end result may seem very simple. You may be thinking, “Oh, I just have to get my link into other websites? Why do I need to learn this from a SEO expert then?” Well, the process is the hard part. Let me explain.

Basically, you are asking total strangers to put your link in their website. It may not sound strange but trust me, it is. Normally, to get the website owner’s attention of your intentions, you might contact them through email or by phone.  Link building is very important for SEO as it give more authority to the website that is being linked to other websites. If you want higher authority scores and higher rankings for your website, get your free audit from our SEO Markham Professionals!

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Role Reversal

Let’s take a quick second in thinking how weird this is. Let’s go through some examples and scenarios. We flip the roles around. You get a call from a total stranger saying that they want to put a link in your website. Would you do it? Definitely not! Honestly, if I receive an email like this, I would maybe take a peak at the link to see if it is any good or if it relates to my website. But honestly, why would I go out of my way to do this stranger a favor? I would either not reply or ask for what I will be getting in return. This implies that you shouldn’t ask total strangers to put your link in their website.

This scenario shows you the PROCESS of link building and that in reality, it will take additional time to complete. You don’t have the foggiest idea about the individual reaching you. You don’t owe them anything and you don’t confide in them. They’re indiscriminately coming in, practically attacking your inbox, and requesting you for some help without giving any sort of return as a trade off.

People you have Relationships with

The relationship I’m talking about isn’t necessarily boyfriend-girlfriend type of deal. It’s any relationship towards the website owners. For example, you may ask your previous boss that runs a website or a close friend if you can put your link in their websites. This gives a high chance of succeeding because they know you, trust you, and can do you favors. These types of relationships are connections which will get your website very far. If we flip these roles around, it would be fine. If you have a previous coworker that you trust, a friend or anyone you had or have a close relation to, you might accept their offer. They may ask you for a favor in putting their website link in your blog or website. Since you have that relationship, you can do them favors.

When someone you know asks you for a link, there’s a genuine relationship there. There’s a feeling of trust, regard and appreciation. While you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to get everyone to have a relationship with you just to get links, you’ll see that your best links will typically come from connections that are started from email outreach.

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