Should You Go Into Web Design | Vancouver Pro Explains | Pt1

Should you get started as a professional Vancouver web design in 2022? I think you know I’m gonna say yes, but I want to explain three trends that make it the best time to get into web design.

Hey friends! I’ve been a designer for almost 20 years now and if you’re watching design tutorials, videos, or even reading these tutorial articles, you might be kind of thinking everybody’s already doing it. Everybody’s so talented and I don’t even know that with tools like Wix and AI, are designers going to be necessary in the future? I want to talk about why you should get into web design now in the year that’s coming in 2022. If you want to watch more online video tutorials for Web Design Vancouver, click the link. If you want to read more about the Web Design Vancouver Articles and Tutorials, click this link.

Let’s start with three kinds of trends.

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The Trends | Vancouver Web Design Pro Explains

The First Trend

The first one is not really a trend. I want to talk about what’s happening right now with COVID-19 in 2020, the world has, in a sense changed and a lot of things shifted. How does that affect us or you potentially as a web designer?

So the first thing is because of COVID-19, so many businesses around the world understood that online stores are a must. If you were a local business such as a gym or a bakery or something like that, perhaps you didn’t even have a website or your website was crappy and you didn’t mind too much about it because it wasn’t a core need for your business this year. 2020 has changed that for everybody around the world. Everybody understands that you need to be able to sell online, you need to be able to be found online, you need to be able to differentiate yourself online and stay in touch with your customers. That has kind of been a huge shift in the minds of every business owner around the world which has just increased the demand of improving my website. Business owners are making sure that they have a website, make sure it’s good, make sure they can sell and make sure it’s well presented. That is a huge shift that is creating huge demand in web design.

The Second Trend

Now the second thing that happened because of COVID-19 and all of this social distance things and all of this work from home is that now, even people who ideally would rather work with somebody next to them and go and do a strategy session together and work together with them in a room about a website redesign. This is one of the parts that I loved about my Vancouver web design job. I loved working with clients so much, I love going to their office and hanging out with them, and such things. However, this here has proved to everybody, me included, that you can actually do great work remotely and you can run workshops, you can manage a team and you can manage big processes all online. So that mind shift actually opened up the possibility of working with great clients even if you’re not based in a big city like New York, San Francisco, London, Toronto, or even Vancouver or something like that and you can still be able to work with great clients because the clients have already broken away from the mentality of I will only work with this guy if he can come to my office. Nobody’s going to the office anymore so now they’re willing to chat with you. They don’t really care if you’re next to them in the same city or if you’re based elsewhere and I think this opens up a huge opportunity for us as web designers to work even if we’re not in the big city hubs or have amazing clients next to us. Using the internet, people are more receptive right now to working with designers remotely and I think this is an amazing trend and that means that it’s going to be better than ever to be a remote web designer now that this COVID virus happened.

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