PT2 5 Core Components of What is Social Media Marketing

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What is Social Media Marketing 3.1

Many people ask, what is social media marketing and what are the core components of it? Well, in this article, you will understand what is social media marketing and what are some of the key components.

3. Listening and Engagement

When your business and social media grows, conversations and impressions about your brand will also increase from people talking in the comments and tagging you in their posts to directly messaging you. People can also talk about your brand without you knowing and there can be both negative and positive comments. What is social media marketing and what would social media marketers do? For the negative comments or wrong comments that are not correct, you can have the chance to correct them before the misunderstanding gets even worse. If the comments are positive, you get a chance to surprise them and interact with them. Some helpful tips are that you can download social media listening and engagement tools to group all the posts and conversations about your social media profile in one place.

4. Analytics

When you are publishing content on social media, you generally want to know how many impressions or how your social media marketing is performing. Some questions you may want to ask yourself is “what is social media marketing doing for me?”, “did social media marketing reach more people this month compared to last month?”, and any question that makes you analyze your progress.

5. Advertising

When you have more funds to allocate to social media, you may want to think about investing in social media advertisements. This will allow your brand to be able to reach a larger audience in a shorter period of time. Some things you want to be thinking about is what your target audience is and which social media platform will benefit you better. Make sure to think about these factors before creating advertisements.

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