PT1 5 Core Components of What is Social Media Marketing

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Many people ask, what is social media marketing and what are the core components of it? Well, in this article, you will understand what is social media marketing and what are some of the key components.

What is Social Media Marketing 2.1

1. Strategy

First we have Strategy. Before jumping in and publishing any content on social media platforms you must first know what your goals are. Will social media help you achieve your business goals? What exactly do you want social media to do for your business? Do you want more brand awareness, website traffic and sales, or both? Before you jump in and post content on social media platforms, you should first know the answer to these questions. 

The next step would be knowing which social media platform you want to publish content on. Social media platforms are not created equally and liked by all. An example would be that there are more middle aged people using Facebook than Tiktok. You must first understand what your target audience is and what platform to target.

The last step for strategy is to know what type of content you want to share. Would it be images, videos, and links? Would it be educational content or entertainment? These would be only some of the things to think about before launching a campaign and creating content.

2. Planning and Publishing

Next we have Planning and Publishing. The goal here is to have a consistent presence on social media platforms. Just by being consistent with posting and sharing content, you can get your brand or business discovered by your future customers.

Posting Social Media posts or content is as simple as just sharing an image or a video on a social media platform. You will need to plan ahead of time as opposed to making and distributing content unexpectedly. Likewise, to guarantee that you are maximizing your reach on online media, you need to distribute extraordinary content that your crowd likes, at the right timing and frequency.

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