Is Web Design Dying? Q&A with a Calgary Web Design Expert

Web design isn’t just designing. It is much more than that. Hey guys, it’s your favorite Calgary web design expert here to answer some of your questions. The question we have today is, “is web design dying?” We will be going over why web design is in fact, not dying.

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What is Web Design? | Calgary Web Design Agency

Before we answer the first question, we need to understand what web design is. Web design, also known as website design, is the design of the interface and everything a customer or visitor sees. In the past, web design was mainly creating artistical and aesthetic designs that fit the company. The company would want designs that fit the company and the web designers would create a design and a layout that suits their clients. For example, green and eco friendly designs for their tea company. In the present of 2021 and nearing 2022, web design has changed dramatically. The old web designing fashion has indeed “died” but a new way of web designing has emerged.

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The New Web Design

Web design in 2021 and nearing 2022 is worlds apart from the old web designing style. Yes, there are many similar factors such as the web designer designs the website and make it look pretty. But, there are more things that a web designer must do. Web designers are expected to know many more things, such as animation, the various functions, special features and more on their clients website.

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What about Website Builders and Templates? | Calgary Web Design Agency Answers

It may seem like website builders and templates are replacing web designers as a whole. This is actually not the case. Web designers are hired for their imagery and ideas but web designers are also expected to know how to program in CSS and HTML to actually create the websites. There are indeed many templates out there for anyone to use, but will an inexperienced person make a wonderful and unique website? It would be hard for them to create anything unique. With web designers, the time it takes to build unique websites will be much shorter compared to an inexperienced person. This is why templates and websites builders doesn’t affect jobs for web designers.

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Web design is not dying. It is being reformed. From the job being simple designs in the past to complicated concepts and coding in the present and future, the jobs for web designers will not die. In fact, the industry is actually growing. Due to the fact that many more businesses are moving towards e-commerce, web designers are being hired left and right to create beautiful websites for these new businesses.

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